Nov 15, 2019  

MAC - Program Evaluations

Course Evaluations

During each term, students are given the opportunity to complete anonymous evaluations of each course taken.   The goal of course evaluations is to solicit honest feedback from students. Instructors need to know what they are doing well and how they can make the learning experience more powerful for students. Students receive a request via email to complete an evaluation of the courses in which they were enrolled, typically during the ninth week of the term.  This message includes a link to an online site dedicated to each individual course.  The evaluations are completely anonymous.

The results will be compiled and the appropriate summary given to the instructor. Instructors only see the compiled summaries.  All students are strongly encouraged to contribute to this process, since student input is considered extremely important to the program.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

KPIs are used by the program to develop and maintain a high quality of instruction and curriculum. Courses the MAC program may identify KPIs in syllabi within given course. The Director will gather the results of the assessment of student learning from KPIs. This data will be disseminated to faculty annually during the Faculty Review Committee. Additionally aggregated data of student performance on portfolios during promotion and student scores on the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) will also be disseminated to faculty annually during the Faculty Review Committee.

This information will be discussed during the Faculty Review Committee to guide program policy and curriculum development. Minutes from the Faculty Review Committee will be held and reviewed the following year. Changes to program policy and curriculum will be evaluated by the Faculty Review Committee to determine positive or negative changes in student outcomes to shape further development of program policy and curriculum.

Faculty Review Committee

The Faculty Review Committee (FRC) provides overall program evaluation.  It is an advisory committee which includes faculty and administrators that meets annually for the following purposes:

  1. To review program objectives and outcomes and discuss proposed program or course changes
  2. To review academic or policy recommendations
  3. To consider items the committee deems necessary to address, and/or to review issues recommended by the Directors or administrators of the graduate program