Dec 08, 2019  

MAC - Cost and Financial Regulation


Please see current Graduate Studies Catalog for current tuition and fees.

Financial Regulations

All accounts must be paid in full before the beginning of classes.  In addition to cash and check payments, Doane accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover as settlement of accounts.  Deferred payment plans are not available for graduate-level courses. Students are not eligible to attend classes until the Registrar and the Business Office have approved registration. Registration may be refused to any student whose previous term account is not current. No refund of charges will be made to students suspended or dismissed from the University. Registration will be canceled for students who are delinquent in their payments.  No transcripts will be issued to students who have an outstanding balance or who have failed to pay off any indebtedness to Doane University.


Students are expected to enroll in courses for each term during the "Formal Registration" dates for that term as posted on the Doane University calendar. Students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in the counseling program.


If a student withdraws from Doane prior to the official start of a term, all tuition and fees associated with the course are refunded.  After the term begins, students who withdraw are refunded a portion of tuition and fees for all courses in which the student is enrolled on or after census day.  (Census day is listed on the College calendar as the last day of registration.)  The amount of refund and the manner in which it is calculated depends on the student's status at Doane.  Registration constitutes a financial contractual agreement between Doane University  and the enrollee.  For specific details regarding refunds see the current Doane University  Graduate Studies Catalog or contact the business office. 

Credit Balance Refunds

Federal loans are forwarded by electronic fund transfer (EFT) and applied on students' accounts after the first scheduled class meeting.  Credit balances may be requested from the Business Office at any time after the second class meeting.  Refund checks will be issued about one week after the request.