May 28, 2020  

Admission Requirements - Non-Degree Seeking Students



Admission Requirements Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Non-degree-seeking students must complete the application form and pay the non-refundable $30.00 application fee.  Verification of a previous bachelor's degree must be provided, either by arranging to have an undergraduate transcript sent to the Graduate Studies in Education office or by other acceptable means.

The non-degree-seeking category consists of students not wishing to pursue a graduate degree at Doane University, but who wish to take graduate courses.  Although there is no limit on the amount of credit that may be earned as a non-degree-seeking student, if a non-degree-seeking student later wishes to pursue the Master of Education degree at Doane University, no more than 12 credits earned while in the non-degree status may be applied toward the graduate degree.  If a student feels there are extenuating circumstances, the student may petition the Graduate Education Committee of the Whole to accept more than 12 hours completed as a non-degree-seeking student.  A student who has taken coursework as a non-degree-seeking student and who later wishes to be admitted into a degree program must complete all requirements for admission and all program requirements currently in effect rather than those in effect when the coursework was begun.