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Admission Requirements - Educational Leadership



Admission Requirements - Educational Leadership Students

All students applying for admission to the Educational Leadership program will submit a packet that contains the following items:

  • A completed application for admission and the $30 application fee.
  • A copy of a current teaching certificate.
  • A vita or resume.
  • A completed Certification of Criminal and Professional practices History Form.
  • A writing sample (about 250-500 words) indicating reasons for interest in Doane's Educational Leadership program and philosophy about teaching and learning.
  • Official transcripts from the institutions granting the undergraduate degree and any graduate work that is to be considered for transfer credit.  The undergraduate GPA must show an overall minimum GPA of 3.00.  Those transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to Doane University, Graduate Studies in Education, 303 North 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68504. They must bear the official stamp of the issuing institution.
  • Letters of recommendation from three professional associates.  Using the forms enclosed in the admission packet, these letters must be sent directly to Doane University.

An interview with the Graduate Dean of Educational Leadership or a full-time faculty member who teaches in the Educational Leadership program is scheduled after the above materials have been received.  The Graduate Dean of Educational Leadership and the faculty member will then determine, based upon the credentials submitted and interview, if the student is admitted to the program.  A letter of acceptance to the student will follow.


Doane E-Mail Accounts Required for Faculty and Students

To comply with the Higher Education Act, ALL course communication between faculty and students will use Doane e-mail addresses.  Students should also use their Doane e-mail for communication with Doane offices.  The Graduate Office, Business Office, Financial Aid and Blackboard will all use students' Doane e-mail accounts.   All Doane students have access to a Doane e-mail account and receive instructions about setting this up when they apply.  If students do not set up their e-mail or have forgotten their password or user id, they should contact


Transfer of Credit Policy - Educational Leadership

A student may transfer up to six hours of credit into the Educational Leadership program. This credit must have been earned from regionally accredited institutions of higher learning.  Any course considered for transfer is reviewed individually for recency and relevancy of the material as it relates to best practice and theory at the time of the review.  The recency standard includes work that is completed within seven years before beginning the program.  Courses are reviewed for relevancy as they relate to educational issues in the areas of instructional improvement, critical issues, and assessment as they may take the place of Education 600, 601, or 602 in the program of study.

Final determination of transfer credit is made by the Dean of Graduate Studies, Educational Leadership.  Only graduate courses in which the student's letter grade is B- or above may be considered for transfer credit and applied toward fulfilling degree and certification requirements.  All transfer courses are entered on the transcript with a grade of P (passed).

Students are responsible for making formal requests to graduate institutions they have attended to have their graduate transcripts sent directly to Doane University, Graduate Studies in Education, 303 North 52nd Street, Lincoln, NE 68504.


Full Graduate Standing for the Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership

After completion of nine credit hours of graduate credits including EDL-675 and EDL-680/681/682), the files of all students in the cadre are reviewed by the dean of the program concerning the students' eligibility for full graduate standing.  The criteria for full graduate standing in the Master of Educational Leadership program are as follows:

The student must have completed all admission requirements.

  1. The student must have completed at least nine hours of graduate study at Doane with a 3.00 or higher cumulative grade point average.  A student receiving any grade below a B for any graduate course will have his/her file reviewed even though the student's cumulative GPA may be 3.00 or higher.
  2. The student has not been found guilty of a felony or misdemeanor or entered a plea of guilty or no contest to a felony or misdemeanor in any criminal, drug, or juvenile court.
  3. No order or determination is currently in effect by a court or any other governmental body which finds the student to be any of the following: a mentally ill and dangerous person; mentally incompetent to stand trial; acquitted of criminal charges because of insanity; an incapacitated person in need of a guardian; or unable to manage your property due to mental illness, mental deficiency, chronic use of drugs or chronic intoxication as required by the State of Nebraska in Title 92, NAC Rule 20.
  4. The student is reviewed for leadership potential, including the ideals expected of individuals in school administrative positions and outlined in the program's core values, for attitudes and skills that promote what is needed for effective school leadership, and for indicators of probably success in the field.

Decisions are communicated to the student in writing as soon as practical after the student completes the first nine hours of the cadre experience and prior to enrollment in the spring practicum.


Program Design

Through classroom learning, experiences in the field, and action-based research, participants move to an increasingly complex understanding of the role of leaders in today's schools.  Students will typically be part of a cadre, which provides continuity and support for its members.  Students may be switched between sections of courses (cadres) based on the discretion of the dean of the program and the Educational Leadership Committee of the Whole.  The dean with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has the ability to substitute courses or develop directed studies to meet the unique needs of students as they pursue the degree.  In addition, for the PK-12 endorsement, most plans utilize directed studies as part of the program.


Twenty-Seven Cadre credit hours

EDL-675   Foundations of Educational Leadership                                         6 hrs.


EDL-680   Elementary Field Experience/Practicum I              OR                    3 hrs

EDL-681   Middle Schools Field Experience/Practicum I        OR                    3 hrs.

EDL-682   Secondary Schools Field Experience/Practicum I                           3 hrs.


EDL-683   Elementary Field Experience/Practicum II             OR                   3 hrs

EDL-684   Middle Schools Field Experience/Practicum II       OR                   3 hrs

EDL-685   Secondary Schools Field Experience/Practicum II                         3 hrs.


EDL-621   Leadership Internship                                                                    3 hrs.

EDL-686   Advanced Educational Leadership                                                6 hrs.

EDL-687   Advanced Educational Leadership II                                              3 hrs.

EDL-695   Research/Project Implementation                                                   3 hrs.


Nine hours to be completed outside the cadre.

EDU-600  Improvement of Instruction                                                              3 hrs


EDU-613 Models of Teaching                                                                           3 hrs.


EDU-601  Critical Issues in Curriculum and Instruction                                     3 hrs


EDU-602 Assessment or EDU-614 or EDU-645 or

EDL-676 Assessment for Student Leaders                                                       3 hrs.


Content Testing

Effective September 1, 2015, candidates applying for any initial endorsement(s) to be placed on a Nebraska certificate must provide evidence they have passed the required Praxis II content test for the endorsement. The test for the principal endorsement is Educational Leadership Administration and Supervision, test code 5411.


Guidelines for Student Teaching and Internships

Doane University assumes the responsibilities for an effective student teaching experience (initial program at the advanced level) and internship experiences (EDL, EDS, endorsements where applicable).  The initial program at the advanced level follows the requirements of the initial program.  Advanced candidates must meet the requirements for continuation in the program.  All internship and student teaching supervisors meet the required standards in Rule 20 for the State of Nebraska.


Time Limitations

In the Educational Leadership Program, a student is expected to complete the degree with their cadre or within a maximum of seven years of beginning graduate study at Doane University.  If a student withdraws from the cadre experience, it is necessary to wait one year and resume classes with the next cadre.  The Dean will determine if a student can resume participation in the program if the time away from the program extends beyond one year.  If the course material is no longer relevant, the student must then retake appropriate graduate courses as part of the program of study.  If a student stays out three years or more then the coursework must be repeated.


Academic Standing

A degree-seeking Educational Leadership graduate student is placed on academic probation if, at any time, the graduate cumulative grade point average falls below 3.00.  In addition, a 3.00 or higher grade is required for all EDL-prefixed courses and all courses accepted as part of the EDL program.


Academic Probation

A degree-seeking Educational Leadership graduate student is placed on academic probation if, at any time, the graduate cumulative grade point average falls below 3.00.  Any student receiving a grade below a "B" or 3.00 for any EDL-prefixed course will have his/her file reviewed for academic probation even if the cumulative GPA is 3.00 or higher.  The student is notified in writing of his/her academic status and of any specific conditions for retention.


Academic Suspension

An Educational Leadership graduate student may be suspended from Doane University for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure to return to good academic standing after the specified probationary period.
  • Failure to meet requirements set forth in the letter of probation.
  • Receipt of a second EDL-prefixed grade below a "B" or receipt of a second course grade below a "B-" on any graduate course accepted as part of the program.
  • Breach of academic integrity.

The student is notified of the suspension in writing by the Dean of the program.  For the right of appeal, consult that section in this handbook.  For specifics on what constitutes plagiarism, please see that section of this handbook.


Academic Dismissal

An Educational Leadership graduate student may be dismissed from Doane University when the appeal process for suspension has been exhausted.  Such students are notified in writing by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.