May 29, 2020  

Registration and Enrollment



Registration dates for all programs are listed in the course schedules and on Doane's web advisor,  Students with financial or other holds on their account will not be permitted to register for classes.

Financial Aid students must meet the requirements set by the Financial Aid Office.  Financial Aid policies may be found in the Graduate Catalog.

Educational Leadership and Education Specialist students will be notified about registration procedures for the first class in their program following the selection process.  Thereafter all students register through web advisor.  Curriculum and Instruction students, endorsement-seeking students, non-degree-seeking students and Initial Certification at the Advanced Level and School Counseling students will register for all classes through web advisor.


Payment and Fees

Tuition for graduate courses is payable exclusively online.  Students will access their account through web advisor at and use their user id and password to view their statements

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • By Check: Mail checks payable to Doane University, Business Office, 1014 Boswell Avenue, Crete, NE 68333.  Please indicate your student id number on the memo line of the check.
  • By e-check or by credit card online: On WebAdvisor, - log in with your user id and password.   On the Student Menu under "Financial Information" select "View Your Account/Make a Payment."  You can view your account if you wish to check your balance.  Then, click on "Make a Payment" and when "Student Account" is displayed, select "Pay."  Enter the payment amount and select either e-check or credit card.  Click "Continue" and follow the directions for the pay method you selected.  For e-checks, make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully and properly input you bank's routing number and your account number.  Returned electronic checks are treated the same as any dishonored item, and you will be charged a $30 fee if your check is returned.
  • Other payment types include: Federal Stafford Loans, Alternative Loans, Payment Plans (discussed below) or any combination thereof.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office ( to discuss loan options.  Please note all Financial Aid forms must be completed to determine eligibility for Federal loans.
  • Payment plans are available online, via Nelnet.  Short-term plans (one to six months) are available for a one-time charge of $25.  Long-term plans (seven to twelve months) are $45.  Both plans are interest free.  Payments are charged on the 5th or the 20th of each month, and you can choose either free e-check withdrawals from your checking/savings account, or pay with an acceptable credit card, subject to the 2.75% convenience fee.  To set up a payment plan, go to WebAdvisor, - log in with your user id and password.  Select "FATS/NBS Payment Plan" under the Student Menu - Financial Information section.  Select "Tuition Payment Plan - for LINC, GI & Grad."  Proceed, following the instructions to set up a payment plan that automatically deducts the amount selected from your checking or savings account for the length of time you select.
  • If you do not know your user id and password, please e-mail and they will assist you.  If you have other questions about your account, please call Student Accounts at 1-800-333-6263.  Please continue to call the Graduate Education office at 888-803-6263 or 402-466-4774 if you have questions about your registration for the current semester.

Most courses have a textbook or a required set of materials.  When a course fee is added to the course, those charges are automatically billed to the student and must be paid with tuition. Textbooks can be ordered from Neebo Books online at  Graduate education books are not available at either the Doane-Crete or the Doane-Lincoln bookstores.  Please see the current catalog or course schedule for tuition charges.  

Degree-seeking students and Initial Certification at the Advanced Level students will be charged a one-time fee for LiveText - an assessment database and electronic portfolio program.  The fee will be charged along with tuition for a single required course in the student's program and will offer the student 5 years of portfolio and data access.


Full time students in all graduate education programs are defined as those enrolled in six or more credit hours during a term of instruction.


Refund Policy

A student withdrawing prior to the official beginning of a term is refunded all tuition payments.  Tuition refunds for dropping or withdrawing from any graduate education courses are based on the semester schedule instead of the beginning and ending dates of particular Education graduate classes.  This schedule of refunds is as follows:


After the FIRST DAY OF THE TERM, refunds for student withdrawing or dropping a class are based on the following schedule:

0-10 days: 100%                                             29-35 days: 10%

11-21 days: 50%                                             After 35 days: 0

22-28 days: 25%

Graduate education students must keep in mind that their first class meeting MAY be past the deadline for ANY tuition refund based on the Doane university Calendar.  Please refer to the course schedules for the official starting date of each term.


Financial Aid Withdrawal Policies

First-time attendees receiving federal loans are refunded those federal funds based on a pro-rated refund policy if they withdraw during the first 60% of the period for which they have been charged. This calculation requires that a pro-rated calculation be done on all direct charges assessed in direct proportion to the period of time that remains in the period of enrollment at the time the student withdraws.  The percentage of direct costs to be refunded is computed by dividing the total number of weeks in the term into the number of weeks remaining in the term at the time the student withdraws.  This percentage is applied to the total direct costs to determine the amount of refund.  Doane University will retain an administrative fee of five percent or $100 whichever is less.  Students not receiving federal funds do not receive pro-rated refunds.

If a student received benefits from federal financial aid, a portion of any refund must be returned to that federal student aid program.

After census day, no refund is made unless a complete withdrawal occurs. 

Federal loans that are forwarded by electronic fund transfer and applied to students' accounts are done so after the first scheduled class meeting.  Credit balances may be requested from the Business Office at any time after the second class meeting.  Refund checks will be issued about one week after the request is approved.


Drop and Withdrawal Policies

For one or two week courses meeting during the summer in locations such as Crete, Fairbury, Fremont, Grand  Island, Lincoln, Norfolk, North Platte or Omaha, no Drops or Withdrawals for a "W" grade are allowed after a course begins.  The last date to drop/withdraw from an online course in the summer is June 15.  After these dates have passed a grade of "F" instead of a
W" will be awarded for any drops or withdrawals.  During Fall semester, any drops or withdrawals from an online course after October 31 will receive a grade of "F" instead of a "W."  For Spring semester, any drops or withdrawals from an online course after March 31 will receive a grade of "F" instead of a "W."


Policy for Continuing Matriculation

If a student in any graduate education program fails to register at Doane University for any courses in a two year period, the student will be considered inactive.  If the student later wishes to register for a graduate class the student must contact the Graduate Studies in Education office to activate his/her file.  These readmitted degree-seeking or endorsement-seeking students must meet the requirements operative at the time of readmission.


Policies for Evaluating Satisfactory Progress for Graduate Studies in Education

Doane university has established the following standards for determining satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree.  To continue in a graduate program, a student must make reasonable and timely progress toward the degree in terms of grades and courses.  Faculty of the Graduate Education Committee of the Whole may dismiss a student from a graduate program because of unsatisfactory academic work, or issues dealing with academic honesty, academic integrity, or breach of the Standards for Professional Practices Criteria as defined in 92 NAC 27.  The following topics outline policies pertaining to maintaining and evaluating satisfactory progress in all programs.


Good Academic Standing

In order to remain in good academic standing, graduate students are required to maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0 (B).  Students will not be permitted to graduate until their overall grade-point average is at least 3.0.  Any grade below a B- in a graduate course will earn no credit applicable to program requirements.  Any student receiving a grade of B- or lower in any course will automatically be reviewed by the dean of the student's program or the Graduate Education Committee of the Whole regardless of the student's cumulative grade point average. 

Students must also maintain the highest of ethical standards as defined by the Standards for Professional Practices Criteria in 92 NAC 27.


Academic Integrity

The faculty expects students to pursue their work with academic integrity.  A copy of the policies concerning academic honesty may be obtained from the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in Crete.  Any breach of academic integrity may result in immediate suspension from the program.  For specifics on what constitutes plagiarism, please see that section of this handbook.