Jul 12, 2020  

Graduate Education General Policies



Doane User ID and Password

After being admitted as a student or being accepted as a faculty member a letter containing your Doane user id and password is mailed to the address provided.  The user id and password should be memorized as it gives access to the computer labs, your Doane e-mail, Blackboard course management system, library databases, and WebAdvisor.


Changing your Password

Go online to: www.doane.edu/password and follow the on-screen directions carefully.  Your password can also be changed within WebAdvisor; please review the section on WebAdvisor to log in and change your password there.


Doane E-mail

All registered users receive a Doane email address.  Your Doane e-mail address is usually your username plus: @doane.edu.  Doane e-mail is an official Doane University method of communication to all students and faculty.  Please check your Doane e-mail account regularly or have Doane's e-mail forwarded to your home or business e-mail automatically so you do not miss important messages.



WebAdvisor provides you 24/7 access to grades, financial aid information, and preregistration.  To access WebAdvisor:

  1. Go online to: wa.doane.edu.
  2. Choose "log in" in the upper-right corner.
  3. Enter your Doane user id and password.
  4. Choose "WebAdvisor for Students".
  5.  When finished with your WebAdvisor session, make sure to click the Log Out button (in the upper right corner.)



Blackboard is an online course management/enhancement tool for instructors' use.

To access Blackboard:

  1. Go online to:  http://bb2.doane.edu.
  2. Choose "Login".
  3. Enter your Doane user id and password - this password is initially set up to be the same as your other Doane passwords; however, it does not synchronize with the other passwords.  To change this password for Blackboard:
    1. From your Blackboard menu, select "Change Password and Tools".
    2. Choose Change Password.
    3. Complete the password boxes.
    4. Click Submit when finished.
  4. When finished with your Blackboard session, be sure to click the "logout" icon at the top of the screen.


Online Library Resources

Doane University subscribes to research databases for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff.  Full text articles and abstracts are available via the web.  Some online databases are only available on-campus.  You will need your Doane user id and password to access the databases.  To access the online library:

Go to www.doane.edu/library.

Choose "On-Campus" or "Off-Campus" depending on from what location you are accessing the site (note: only choose "On-Campus" if you are physically on the Crete or Lincoln campuses, other University campus locations are considered "Off-Campus" are they are not on the Doane network.)

On the next page, choose the database you would like to search within (ex. Academic Search Premier).

You will then be taken to a logon page where you can enter your Doane user id and password.


Help or Questions

Please e-mail helpdesk@doane.edu for assistance with your email or Blackboard questions.


Doane University's Appropriate Use Policy

Information technology and resources include, but are not limited to: computers, software, databases, files, computer accounts, networks, Internet access, and electronic communication.  The following are guidelines for acceptable use of information technology at Doane University.

The use of information technology and resources is a privilege extended to Doane University students, faculty, and staff.  That use is restricted to academic, educational, research, and/or administrative purposes.  These resources may not be used for commercial or business income purposes unless specific, written authorization for such use is given by the University.  Any reselling of Doane's network services is prohibited.

All use of information technology and resources must comply with federal, state and local laws, licensing and purchasing agreements, and Doane policies.  Users of outside facilities such as libraries, Internet, or other electronic communication facilities must also comply with the acceptable practices and restrictions established by those facilities.

Individuals may not use institutional resources without proper authorization from the assigned user of the resource.  Individuals may not use another user's computer account or user id or change another user's password without prior permission from the assigned user.  Users are responsible for their use of computer hardware, software, accounts, user ids, and passwords.  Users are responsible for all resources assigned to them even if another person uses them.

Users must not access, copy, view or change private files without authorization.  They may not change, create, or delete public files or directories without proper authorization.  Users do not have the right to create or receive unauthorized copies of software.  Users must not attempt to modify software, data, or systems in an unauthorized manner.

Information technology and resources must not be used to make unauthorized entry into other communications, computational, or informational devices or resources.  Accessing restricted databases requires authorization.

For the complete technology policy, please go to www.doane.edu.