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Receiving Your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Federal Tax Information
Confidentiality Billing and Payment Information  
Veteran's Education Benefits Refunds and Repayments  

Receiving Your Financial Aid:

Aid is usually applied to the student account after the 10th day of classes for Crete Campus students and one week after census date for Lincoln/GI and graduate students. Delays in aid may be due to a student not completing all necessary requirements for financial aid. Aid is electronically applied to the student's account.

A proportional amount of yearly aid is disbursed each term unless otherwise stated. If aid does not pay the total student charges, or if the student fails to take appropriate actions to allow the disbursement to occur, the balance due to Doane University must be paid from personal and/or family resources.

All students are able to charge books and supplies to their student accounts. Financial aid is first applied toward tuition, fees, room and board, and books. If all charges on a student account have been paid and a credit remains, a refund will be issued. This can be by check or through direct deposit. A student can sign up for direct deposit, by logging into WebAdvisor, selecting "Financial Information" from the menu and then "View your account/Make Payments".



The Financial Aid Office makes every effort to ensure that all awards and information remain confidential in accordance with the Buckley Amendment of the Family Right to Privacy Act of 1974. More information is available at doane.edu/about-doane/offices/registrar/faq/ferpa

Veterans' Education Benefits

Students receiving veterans' benefits must notify Doane University's VA representative.

James Hawthrone james.hawthrone@doane.edu   (402) 467-9070

Detailed information regarding Doane University's VA Education Benefit process can be found at doane.edu/military-aid-va-rotc


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

The requirement that SAP be monitored is based on federal regulations, which govern federal student aid. Progress is assessed after each term for federal financial aid eligibility. These regulations require that a student make progress by:

  1. CGPA: Meeting and maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) as defined by the university; and
  2. Pace: Completing 75% of attempted credit hours.

Failure to meet the above standards may suspend a student from receiving aid from any Title IV aid program. The complete SAP policy can be found online at doane.edu/satisfactory-academic-progress


Billing and Payment Information

Students will receive a preliminary billing statement from the Student Accounts/Business Office before classes begin. This statement is an estimate of both charges and pending financial aid as of the statement date. Carefully review this statement. Students must make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts/ Business Office prior to the first day of class.

NOTE: Books are not included on the estimated statement.

The billing statement shows pending financial aid amounts on the student's account. However, student employment awards are not shown on the statement.



Doane University provides other options for repayment on a student's account.

Doane University has monthly payment plan options available, which include monthly credit card payments or monthly ACH withdrawal options. Detailed information can be found at doane.edu/about-doane/offices/business-office/online-bills


Private Education (Alternative) Loans:

A private or alternative student loan is a non-Federal loan borrowed from a bank or lending institution.

Interest rates and fees are based on the borrower's credit score and/or the co-signor's credit score. Most dependent students will not be able to obtain a private loan without a qualified co-signor.

More information can be found at doane.edu/about-doane/offices/business-office/online-bills



For the purpose of monitoring SAP and disbursement of funds, census day for each term determines the student's enrollment status. No adjustments to aid will be made for course changes after the census date. Students completely withdrawing before the end of the term will be charged a percentage of institutional charges based on the Return of Federal Title IV Funds and/or Institutional Refund policy. The withdrawal process is an official process that begins with the Student Leadership Office on the Crete campus. For Lincoln/GI/Graduate students, the process begins by contacting your academic advisor.

The Return of Federal Title IV refund calculation will be used for students withdrawing before the end of the term and who are benefiting from federal financial aid. This calculation applies to federal Title IV funds only. The Institutional Refund policy covers all institutional funds.

Doane University is required to return all or part of any refund to the federal financial aid program(s) from which it originated. The amount to return is based on the length of time the student attended academic related activities during the period of enrollment. If a student receives a cash disbursement from financial aid funds after tuition charges are paid, and subsequently withdraws from all classes, the student may be required to repay all or part of the cash disbursement back to the financial aid program(s).

Further details on both refund policies may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts/Business Office, or the Doane University catalog  doane.edu/schedule-catalogs-and-calendar



The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 created several new tax benefits for families to assist with university expenses. A few of the benefits include student loan interest deductions, the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits. To determine your eligibility for any of these benefits, you should consult a qualified tax adviser or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at www.irs.gov or 800-829-1040.