Jul 14, 2020  

Additional Information


By accepting your financial aid award either by returning a signed copy of your award letter or by web acceptance, you are agreeing to abide by all conditions as detailed here and in other financial aid related documents. Acceptance of the award authorizes the Financial Aid Office, at its discretion, to discuss his/her application and financial situation with public or recognized private agencies that are involved in consideration for financial aid (i.e. vocational rehabilitation, etc). The student also agrees that the materials contained in his/her financial aid file become the property of Doane University.  A student may accept all or part of the award(s) offered. Substitute awards cannot be guaranteed if part of an award is declined. Doane is not required to substitute funds if a student loses or declines academic, co-curricular or other types of aid.

The Federal Aid Processor or the school may select a student for a process called verification. This is a review process that ensures the accuracy of the information submitted on the FAFSA. A student is notified of the required documents to be submitted to Doane to complete the verification process. Federal financial aid cannot be disbursed until the verification process is completed. doane.edu/forms-worksheets

Failure to accept financial aid and/or respond to all required documents (i.e. Financial Aid Award Notification, federal or institutional verification requirements, requests for additional information by the Financial Aid Office) may result in the cancellation of all federal aid offered. An extension can be requested in writing for mitigating circumstances and must be approved.

Changes in enrollment status may require a review of the financial aid award to determine if a revision is necessary and if the student's aid eligibility has changed. The student will be notified if a change in the award is required.

The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to review, modify, or cancel any financial aid

offers at any time on the basis of information affecting the student's eligibility. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in financial, marital or academic status, or changes in the availability of federal, state, private or college funds. Notification of any change made will be sent to the student.

The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to adjust the financial aid award if errors are discovered, additional information is discovered and/or additional funds from outside resources are made available to the student after the award is accepted. Revisions will be made in accordance with federal, state and institutional regulations and students will be notified of any changes. Falsification of information submitted for the purpose of receiving aid will result in the full cancellation of aid and referral to the proper authorities.

Students and parents can view their current loan history and servicer information by visiting www.studentloans.gov and selecting My Financial Aid History.

If your financial circumstances change, contact Doane's Financial Aid Office to discuss the situation with a staff member. Examples of unusual circumstances include loss of employment, out-of-pocket major medical expenses, private education costs, loss of alimony or child support, etc. Unusual circumstances must be described in writing and documented. To assist with this process, a form is available in the Financial Aid Office. The form is called, "Request for Special Circumstances". In the case of loss of or change in employment, we ask the form be provided with the updated information after July 1. It is believed that six months of income provides the best financial picture in these situations; however, the Financial Aid Office may be able to review circumstances earlier on a case-by-case basis. After October 15, no special circumstances will be reviewed until the current year's taxes are completed.