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ARCHIVED 2017-18 CPS Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2017-18 CPS Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Regulations and Tuition


Summary of Program Costs for the Academic Year 2017-2018

Tuition per credit, ground $305.00
Tuition per credit, online 335.00
Tuition per credit, online NRS prefix 365.00
Application fee, non-degree-seeking 20.00
Application fee, degree-seeking 20.00
Program fee, degree-seeking 65.00
Mandatory fee per ground course 7.00
Mandatory fee per online and hybrid credit hour 30.00
Portfolio credit 152.50
Teacher Perceiver 305.00
Graduation Fee 50.00

There may be additional costs associated with certain courses for text books, materials, laboratory fees, and computer access charges.

Business Regulations

All charges are due and payable the first day of each term. If full payment or payment arrangements have not been made by census day of each term, the student account will be subject to late fees. A hold will also be placed on the student account to prevent further registration or release of transcripts. Census dates are listed on the academic calendar as the last day for registration. The academic calendar can be found at doane.edu.

Automatic deferments will be granted to students who have been awarded financial aid or have certified military benefits to cover the entire balance of the current term. However, if these benefits do not cover the balance 100%, the student is responsible for the difference by the first day of the term.   In addition to check payments, Doane accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover for settlement of accounts with a 2.75% convenience fee.  Deferred payment plans are available through FACTS/NBS Tuition Management (for more details visit the website at doane.edu.)

Registration may be refused for any student whose previous term account is not in good order. No refund of charges is made to a student suspended or dismissed from university. Registration may be canceled for students delinquent in their payments.

A transcript or diploma is not issued to a student who has failed to pay off any indebtedness to Doane University. At the discretion of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, a transcript may be released to a currently enrolled student entering graduate school or a professional school who has a balance on his/her account, provided the student is current with the payment plan.

Official Business Day

The university's official business day, as defined for federal financial aid delivery purposes, is 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Central time.

Cross Enrollment

In rare instances, students are permitted to cross-enroll between the College of Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences, with permission of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  A cross-enrolled student must pay all costs, including tuition, associated with enrollment at other than his/her main campus.


Registration constitutes a financial contractual agreement between Doane University and the enrollee.

If a student withdraws from college prior to the official start of a term, all tuition and fees are refunded. After the term begins, a student who withdraws is refunded a portion of tuition and fees for all classes in which the student has enrolled on or after census day. (Census day is listed on the college calendar as the last day for registration.) The amount of the refund and the manner in which it is calculated depends upon the student's status at Doane University.

Refunds are determined by the number of days that have passed from the official beginning of a term according to the following schedule:

Eight Week Terms     One Week Flex  
0-census day: 100%    1 day: 100%
census day-15 days: 40%   2 day: 40%
After 15 days: 0%   after 2nd meeting: 0%

Tuition and fee refunds are generally based on the last documented date of attendance or official withdrawal date.

Under very special circumstances, a student may be granted a withdrawal if they are faced with a serious and unexpected condition that completely precludes him/her from being able to function as a student in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate.  Forms for a late drop/withdrawal due to extenuating circumstances are available through your advisor or the Doane website.