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ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic/Career Interest Organizations

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR UNIVERSITY WOMEN (AAUW) is a national organization that works to advance equity for women through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. Our group is open to all students. We work to empower and educate students on issues that women face such as domestic violence, equal pay, and others that occur locally and nationally.

Adviser: Heather Lambert

Student Contact: Lauren Taylor

ATHLETIC TRAINING CLUB provides more organization and direction to the Student Athletic Training (SAT) staff in the Doane College Athletic Training Room. This association has also been created with the purpose of building a closer bond between the SAT's and to share encouragement as well as concerns that may need to be addressed as well as aide and encourage direction into acceptance at a post graduate school (for example: Physical Therapy, Athletic Training) DAT Meetings are held in the Field House Classrooms on the second Sunday of the Month at 7.

Adviser: Greg Seier

President: Mandy McCarthy

BIOCHEMISTRY CLUB prepares members for future careers in biology/chemistry careers through participating in community service activities, visiting pharmaceutical or research facilities, inviting speakers to discuss their occupation and other science related activities.  

Advisor:  Sharmin Sikich

President:  Kelsey Christensen

DOANE ACCOUNTING CLUB is a very active organization on campus, in which students have the opportunity to take part in functions that help them better understand the accounting profession. The Club regularly schedules activities to bring accounting professionals to campus and/or arranges visits to accounting firms and businesses. Students also learn about interviewing skills/techniques, with mock interviews available prior to the Accounting Interview Day held each October during which students can interview for jobs and internships. During the Spring semester each year, Accounting Club students help Doane College students prepare their personal tax returns (more by helping the students see they can do it themselves, rather than doing it for them). Accounting Club members also contribute strongly to the Doane educational experience by becoming tutors for the principles-level accounting courses and becoming lab assistants, and helping with the accounting for Relay for life. Each Fall and each Spring, the Accounting Club has a banquet, bringing in a variety of guest speakers.

Adviser: Kathleen Springer

President: Morgan Dubas

DOANE ART LEAGUE serves to foster interest in art through museum trips, films, and other special events. It is open to any Doane student who is interested in the visual arts.

Advisers: Valerie Knobel

President: Laura McNerney

DOANE ASSOCIATION FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG CHILDREN (DOANE AEYC) student chapter, chartered in 2012, seeks to education, advocate and provide service in the support of activities which are committed to promoting healthy development for all young children. Doane AEYC assists other local, state and national organizations for the improvement of services o young children and their families by following developments in research and trends in early childhood education.

Doane AEYC is open to any student interested in supporting the goals of the organization, especially those in the field of early childhood education and psychology. The organization is an affiliate of Nebraska's AEYC.

Adviser: Nikki Piper

President: Taylor Ruzicka

DOANE COLLEGE COMPUTER CLUB (DC3) DC3's members plan and offer three types of activities throughout the academic year. All of these activities are connected in some way to computing and gaming technology and include social, educational, and community service activities. Social activities include gaming events, movie nights, and outings. Examples of gaming events include the annual LAN. Bash and Marathon events. Each event lasts for 24hours and includes both PC and console gaming. Educational activities include field trips and banquet speakers. Community service activities vary but have included working with students from local schools at the IST ROBOlympics and participating in Campus fund- raising events such as Relay For Life.

Adviser: Alec Engebretson

President: Taylor Minske

DOANE PROVS The purpose of Doane Prov is to share smiles and work on individual and group comedic and improvisational skills through practice and performance.

Adviser:  Donna Himmelberger

Team Captains:  Andres Kamler and Emily Vokal

DOANE GERMAN CLUB connects students to many aspects of the German culture and life which aren't always covered in classes. Excursions to German art exhibits at the Joslyn Art Museum and the Germans from Russia museum are examples. There are German meals, speakers, and German films (with subtitles) at Doane or the Ross Theater in Lincoln.

Adviser: Kristen Hetrick

President: TBA

HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB has a primary goal to further educate and bind together all those who are interested in history and/or political science and related topics.

Advisers: Mark Orsag, Kim Jarvis, Tim Hill, and Nick Vaccaro

President: TBA

HEALTH AND MEDICAL OCCUPATION CLUB (HMOC) helps prepare members for future careers in medical-related fields (pharmacy, dentistry, physical or occupational therapy, medicine, etc.). Activities include touring UNMC or Creighton, providing job shadowing experiences, community service, and putting together a portfolio.

Adviser: Tessa Durham Brooks and Barb Clement

President: Allie McConville

HUMAN RESOURCE CLUB acquaints students with the field of human resource management and labor relations, and provides learning opportunities through interaction with human resource practitioners. The club is affiliated with the Lincoln Human Resource Management Association and is a student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Adviser: Laura Sears

President: Jake Krueger

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR MUSIC EDUCATION (NAFME) serves to augment classroom work in the field of music education to promote special projects of the Nebraska Music Educators Association and the National Conference, and to expand the knowledge and horizons of future music educators. M.E.N.C. is open to students interested in music education.

Adviser: Kathy Ohlman

President: Madisen Geiler

NATIONAL SCIENCE TEACHER ASSOCIATION (NSTA) Doane's student chapter was chartered in 2003 to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching at any level and learning for all. NSTA provides a network for pre-service science teachers, encouraging professional development. This organization is open to any students interested in teaching science. With a membership of over 55,000, the NSTA is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching Pre-K through college.

Advisers: Russ Souchek & Rod Diercks

President: TBA

PHI BETA LAMBDA (PBL) is a national business association devoted to promoting interest in various fields ranging from accounting to computer programming.

Adviser: Les Manns

President: Stacy Manson

PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB develops students as photographers and expands their creativity while providing outreach to the community by engaging Crete youth and expanding student diversity.

Adviser: Heather York

President: Ryan Corrigan

PSYCH/SOC CLUB promotes interaction among students interested in the fields of psychology and sociology. Psych/Soc Club is open to any Doane student in any major including the fields of psychology, sociology, and human services.

Advisers: Natalie Homa

President: Kelsey Schilf

SPANISH CLUB prepares students studying the Spanish language for real world applications and careers.  The club also strives to create a friendly learning environment that encourages its members to use their language of study within a small setting.

Adviser:  Jared List

Committee Chairpersons:  Stacy Manson, Michelle Flores and Jenna Kleeman

STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (S.E.A.) promotes consideration and confrontation of issues which face educators through guest speakers and informal meetings. Topics include mainstreaming, education in Russia, religion in schools, etc. Students majoring in education are welcome to join.

Adviser: Julie Kozisek

Co-Presidents: Katie Hall and Tara McGinnis