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ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Greek Organizations

Any full-time Doane student enrolled for at least one full semester with a grade point average of 2.25 or better. Transfer students who were enrolled at least one full semester and completed at least 12 credit hours from an accredited institution are eligible also (those credits must be on file with the Registrar's office by the beginning of the spring semester). Dual credits obtained during high school will not be counted towards the 12 credit hour limit. The College may deem a student ineligible to join due to disciplinary problems.  This includes, but is not limited to, serious conduct violations, drug violations, multiple violations and cases of sexual harassment and misconduct.


ALPHA OMEGA is a men's social organization that exists to equip its members with leadership and life- skills unavailable from classroom learning. AOs form exceptionally tight bonds of brotherhood that commonly last throughout their lifetimes. The Fraternity takes pride in the success of its graduates which have included Corporate CEOs and Presidents, A-List Hollywood actors, nationally-known coaches and NFL players, senior educational leaders, attorneys, physicians, a U.S. Senator and Doane's only Rhodes Scholar. Founded in 1897, the focus and practices of Alpha Omega were refined in 2012 to better reflect the current Greek environment and enhance the AO experience for its student-members. Membership is open to Doane's male students based on unanimous selection by its current members.

Adviser: Greg Seier

President: Jack Zukaitis

ALPHA PI EPSILON strives to offer an opportunity for involvement, leadership, and personal growth. As Doane's newest fraternity, Alpha Pi Epsilon is proud of the diversity of its membership, its efforts to strengthen ties of brotherhood, and its academic excellence. It is open to any Doane male student based on unanimous selection of fraternity members.

Advisers: Alec Engebretson, Russ Souchek, & Jeff Stander

President: Tanner Clark

DELTA KAPPA PI is a social fraternity that focuses on five key characteristics: extracurricular activities, academics, athletics, personality and character. Founded in 1883, Delta Kappa Pi is the oldest fraternity west of the Mississippi. It has a rich history and a strong sense of tradition. The brothers of Delta Kappa Pi participate in various social and community service events throughout the year. The fraternity colors are purple and white and membership is open to all eligible Doane men based on invitation.

Advisers: Steve Jerina

President: Joel Hope

SIGMA PHI THETA members are involved in various community and charity projects from heart fund drives to the publication of a coupon book for Doane students with discounts on services and goods within the community. To complement the work component of the fraternity, the members sponsor social functions. Sigma Phi Theta prides itself on community and charitable projects, zest for social life, and academic excellence. It is open to all Doane males based on unanimous selection by the members of the fraternity.

Advisers: Pete Fiumefreddo

President: Chase Welty

TAU SIGMA ZETA is a social fraternity that seeks to involve its members in campus and community actions. Activities include a spring basketball marathon, fall spirit run, and formal functions. Proud of its members' role in the Doane Greek system, Tau Sigma Zeta encourages the development of brotherly relations and is open to all Doane men based on unanimous selection by the members of the fraternity.

Adviser: Becky Hunke

President: Grant Reckling


CHI DELTA Scholarship, service, and honesty are the founding principles of Chi Delta sorority. Bonds of sisterhood are formed through service projects and social activities. The group's colors are onyx, jade, and pearl. Chi Delta's flower is the white rose and the mascot is the lion.

Advisers: Sherri Hanigan and Anne Golden Ziola

President: Alexis Lipson

GAMMA PHI IOTA was founded in 1908 on principles that value scholarship, friendship, and fun. Their mascot is the rabbit, and their symbol is an arrow up and pointing to the left Their flower is the daffodil, and their colors are gold and white. In addition to fall and spring socials, Gamma Phi Iota is proud of its service to the College and Crete community.

Advisers: Jayne Germer

President: Kayleigh Erskine

KAPPA PHI ZETA, established in fall, 2014, strive to accept and appreciate all members, embracing their differences while holding onto their shared values.  Sorority members support one another through their thoughts, words and actions and devote themselves to one another through their core values.  Members strive to come together as a sisterood to serve the Doane and Crete communities.  In order to promote the further advancement of the Greek Society, they encourage diversity among their sisters, empower one another and promote spirituality through devotion to their sisterhood.

Advisers:  Tim Hill

President:  Kendra Ritter

OMEGA PSI THETA sorority charges its members to promote loyalty, friendship, trust, and respect within the group and to others. These qualities are nurtured through service events, work projects, and social activities. Founded during academic year 1916-17, Omega Psi Theta encourages individual involvement and personal growth for all members, and service to the College and community. The group's colors are blue and gold. Their symbol is the wheel, their flower is the sweet pea, and their mascot is the flamingo. Qualification for membership is a 2.0 GPA, in addition to a mutual acceptance between eligible women and active members of the sorority.

Advisers: Janet Jeffries, Pat Bohling, & Suzy Cochnar

President: Mackenzie Maly

PHI SIGMA TAU is the oldest sorority on the Doane campus, and has been in continuous existence since the fall of 1907. Members are proud of their continuing traditions of leadership and service within the College and the community, unified sisterhood, close alumni ties, and the uniqueness of each individual member. The daisy is the sorority flower. Their mascot is the monkey, and their traditional colors are brown and white. Through social and money-raising activities and community service projects, the women of Phi Sigma Tau enjoy the bond of lasting and lifelong friendship and loyalty. Phi Sigma Tau is open to eligible Doane women based on individual interest and invitation.

Advisers: Sarah Begay

President: Kaleah Letcher

Additional Greek Organizations

GREEK COUNCIL represents the governing body for Doane College's Greek system. Each recognized fraternity and sorority elects 2-3 representatives to serve on the council. The purposes of the Greek Council are to promote the interests of Doane College and the fraternities/sororities; secure cooperation among Greek social organizations, faculty, staff, and the administration; resolve matter reflecting upon the Greek societies at Doane College; and interpret and establish all guidelines for rush activities and Greek Week.

Adviser: Megan Failor

President: Alexis Lipson

ORDER OF OMEGA is an honor society that commends the leadership and service of the Greek Community. Greek sorority and fraternity members are eligible to join the Doane College Phi Delta Chapter of Order of Omega as a junior or senior. Members must have and maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and complete the required membership application. Membership is limited to 30 members. For more information you may contact the Greek Life Advisor, Megan Failor at megan.failor@doane.edu.