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ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Interest Organizations

CHESS CLUB educate its members on the intricacies of chess and other strategic board games and their variants as well as provide an atmosphere to practice and compete in games of the mind and foster intellectual growth, new methods of thought, and applications of strategic planning off the chess board and educate the student body and community of the benefits of studying chess and other mental puzzles.

Adviser:  Kristopher Williams

President:  Joseph Couch

CLUB INTERNATIONALE exists to promote and strengthen positive interactions between different ethnic and cultural groups on campus. Activities include foreign film nights, songfests, informal discussion groups, international dinner nights, International Day, and various other cross-cultural activities. Open communication and individual expression are encouraged. Club I is open to all Doane undergraduate students.

Adviser: Jan Willems

President: Elected in the Fall

COMMUNITY SERVICES Doane College students coordinate volunteer outreach programs between the campus and surrounding communities. Getting involved in community service, and developing personal understanding and skills in helping others, helps one grow as an individual and become a better citizen. Greek members, individuals, class officers, clubs, and other organizations, are encouraged to participate and communicate their activities with the volunteer services program.

Adviser: Karla Cooper

Coordinator(s): Developed by project and interest

DOANE RUGBY CLUB is a club sport open to all students. The men and women's teams play club and college teams from across the country. There is a fall and spring season. Doane Rugby Club welcomes players and supporters to assist with team activities and fund raising. . The Rugby Mama's provide support for the teams on game days.

Adviser: TBA

President: TBA

LEAGUE OF RAINBOW PLAYERS spark social awareness issues through live theatre events within the Doane community.  The members will perform scenes, written for and by Doane students, based on past and current campus issues.

Advisor: Rhonda Lake

President:  Marla'kuitta Overstreet 

POOL LEAGUE promote competitive spirit, as well as mathematical and geometric skills.

Adviser:  Greg Bauer

President:  Eric Weers

PUT ON YOUR DANCE SHOES an educational and entertaining opportunity for the Doane and Crete communities while encouraging dancers of all dance experience to explore and learn different areas and styles of dance.

Adviser: Carrie Petr

President: Kayleigh Schadwinkel

QUEER-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (QSA) provides social, emotional, and educational support for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally populations with an ultimate goal of fostering a campus environment where queer issues are part of everyday consciousness. QSA will also act as an educational resource for the Doane community to promote awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ issues that occur on campus and in our diverse community.

Adviser: Caitlin Smith

President: Marissa Glessmann

THE DOANE QUIDDITCH CLUB is a club sport open to all students with a passion for team sports (an appreciation for the Harry Potter series is not necessary, but this game is based off the sport played in the books and movies). Game play is similar to a combination of dodge ball, tag, and soccer, and even rugby, except with broomsticks! The co-ed team will play club and college teams from across the region and participate in tournaments throughout the year.

Adviser: Dan Clanton

Student Contacts: Jacob Biaggi and Kurt Harders

SECULAR STUDENT ALLIANCE promotes and practices the open, rational, and scientific examination of the universe and one's place in it.  In addition, the group strives to organize, unite, educate, and serve students that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics.

Adviser:  Dan Clanton

President:  Cole Morgan

SPIKEBALL CLUB The mission of the Doane Spikeball Club is to provide a new activity to the students at Doane College to get them more involved.

Adviser:  Scott Dvorak

Co-Presidents:  Michael Shavlik and Andrew Hodges

WILDLIFE AND CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION (W.A.C.O.) is involved in activities including climate change initiatives, habitat conservation, and outdoor activities. We encourage a better understanding of conservation, wildlife, and environmental issues affecting society and the world today.

Adviser: Russ Souchek

President: Kyle Gaston