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ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spring 2014 Report / Higher Education Opportunity Act (P.L. 110-315) (HEOA)


Section 120(a)(2)(B) - Drug and Alcohol Violations Reporting (20 U.S.C. § 1011i)

Criminal Offenses (§ 485(f)(1).) Security Authority

The Doane Safety Office does not employ commissioned law officers. The Doane Safety Office is made up of one Director, three Safety Administrators and one contracted guard shift per day. Doane staff members and a contracted guard service (Signal 88) are responsible for all aspects of safety and security for Doane College Crete. As staff members for the College, the Doane Safety Office may forward reports involving students to the judicial affairs officer for the campus and reports including staff or faculty to the appropriate Vice President. Incidents involving non-compliant non-Doane community members may result in staff contacting the Crete police department for assistance.

The Doane Safety Office does work closely with the Office of Residence Life for judicial affairs as well as the Crete Police Department for crime incidents. Doane College requests that all crimes or suspected crimes occurring on campus be reported to the Doane Safety Office at 402.826.8669 as soon as possible.

Prompt and accurate reporting of all crime

Criminal actions and other emergencies occurring on campus should be reported immediately to the Doane Safety Office by telephone at 402.826.8669. This number is answered 24/7 during the academic year. A daily crime log is kept at the Doane Safety Office and is on display at the front counter. A copy of the current report will be made available to any Doane community member within two days of request. The Doane Safety Office is located in the lower level of the Perry Campus Center. The Safety Office will respond by taking the following action(s) as necessary:

  • Request the Crete Police Department(s) and/or the Crete Fire Department to the scene of the reported incident
  • Investigate the incident
  • Take appropriate action(s) to identify, apprehend, and report the person(s) responsible
  • Notify or request the assistance of other law enforcement and/or other agencies when necessary
  • Take action(s) and/or make appropriate notifications

Contact Information

Safety and Security Issues: Doane Safety Office @ 402.826.8669,

Student Judicial Affairs Issues: Associate Dean of Student Affairs-Russ Hewitt 402.826-8295

Employee Issues: Vice President of Financial Affairs-Julie Schmidt 402.826.8200,

Student Issues: Vice President of Student Affairs-Carrie Lovelace Petr, Ph.D., 402.826.8111

Doane Lincoln: Dean Janice Hadfield 402.466.4774,

Doane Grand Island: Jennifer Worthington 308.398.0800,

Local Law Enforcement

We encourage the reporting of campus criminal activity directly to the Doane Safety Office or reporting directly to the Crete Police Department at 402.826.4311 or 9-911 from a campus telephone for emergencies. Doane College supports this decision and encourages any Doane community member to utilize local law enforcement if they are the victim of a crime.

Confidential Reporting

Victims or witnesses may report certain crimes to the Doane Safety Office Department on a voluntary, confidential basis. Crimes reported confidentially will be included in the Campus Security Report but will not be investigated by the Doane Safety Office. Doane counselors and wellness staff are encouraged to inform the persons being counseled or treated medically of procedures to report crimes on a voluntary, confidential basis if and when the counselor deems appropriate. Victims or witnesses may report sexual assaults to the Doane Safety Office on a voluntary, anonymous and confidential basis. The Doane Safety Office will only utilize the report for the compilation of statistical records for assaults that occur on the Doane campus.

Timely Warnings and Campus Alerts

The purpose of a timely advisory is to alert the campus community to the occurrence of a crime that poses an ongoing threat to the campus community and/or to heighten safety awareness of students and employees in a manner that will aid in the prevention of similar crimes. In certain situations, the Associate Dean of Student Leadership will make a decision, in consultation with the Vice President for Student Leadership as needed, whether to disclose the incident through a public notice to the community via print and electronic means. The circumstances of any particular situation coupled with the Safety Office's evaluation of the situation/threat potential will dictate the need and manner for the issuance of a Campus Crime Alert bulletin. However, in general, whenever there has been a report of a violent crime, a major property crime or other significant criminal event on or adjacent to campus and the Associate Dean of Student Leadership or his/her designee is of the opinion that the safety of the campus community is at-risk, a Campus Crime Alert bulletin will be issued. The crime alert will include the following information, if available:

  • Description of the incident (type of crime, time, date and location)
  • Physical description of the offender
  • Composite drawing or photograph of the offender
  • Connection to previous reported incidents
  • Description of injuries or use of force, if relevant
  • Crime Prevention Tips
  • Emergency contact information (phone numbers and Web sites)
  • Date the campus crime alert bulletin was issued

Systems of delivery for issuing Campus Crime Alert bulletins include postings, direct distribution of flyers, e-mail, the campus student newspaper, and campus Web site.

Evacuation procedures

Evacuations procedures in the event of an emergency incident are posted in all residence halls and academic buildings. Exit signs are located in hallways indicating the closest route to exit the building if necessary.

Immediate notification to campus following a significant emergency/dangerous situation or threat

Doane College has an emergency alert system (E2Campus) which can notify all community members via TXT and e-mail following an incident.

Community members are encouraged to sign up for this free program by going to

Publicize emergency response and evacuation procedures

Emergency response and evacuations procedures are located on the Doane Web site at

Testing of emergency response and evacuation procedures annually (§ 485(f)(1)(J).)

Doane College plans, exercises and tests its emergency response and evacuation plans frequently. The Doane College Emergency Response Team exercises the College plans throughout the academic year. Members of the local EMS teams are involved in this planning. Fire and tornado plans are exercised in each residence hall each semester. Table top and role play exercise of campus emergencies are also frequently done.

Types of Hate Crimes reported on campus (§ 485(f)(1)(F).)

Fire Safety (§ 485(i).)

Fire Safety Report

Fire Safety Statistics

Campus Housing Fire Safety Systems

Every campus residence hall has smoke and sprinkler systems available throughout the buildings. These systems are tested throughout the year and any issues are addressed immediately.

Number of regular mandatory supervised fire drills

Each residence hall performs two supervised fire drills/tornado drills each year. Academic buildings and administrative buildings perform tests periodically.

Campus Housing Fire Safety Policies

  1. Portable electrical appliances: Devices with electric heating sources are not allowed in campus residence halls. Maintenance checks and room checks are preformed twice a year to ensure student compliance.
  2. Smoking and open flame policy: Smoking and open flames (candles) are banned from all residence halls.
  3. Evacuation procedures: Evacuations policy and procedures are posted on all residence hall rooms (back side of door). The postings have helpful hints as well as maps of floor locations to the nearest exits.
  4. Fire Safety Education Programs (Student and Faculty): Bi-annual safety programming is made available to faculty and staff. Residential students attend frequent hall and floor meetings where safety issues are addressed.

Future Improvement of Fire Safety

The college continues to update systems for the improvement of the campus safety posture. Future improvements include additional training and role-play exercises for community members.

Missing Students (§ 485(j).)

Doane College students identify a confidential contact to be notified on the Emergency Contact Card. Students under 18 years of age that are not emancipated need to be aware that the institution must notify parents no later than 24 hours after the student is determined missing. The College must also notify law enforcement no later than 24 hours after a student is determined missing. If a student is determined missing, the Doane Safety Office will initiate the emergency contact procedures once a student, for whom a missing persons reports has been filed, has been missing for 24 hours.

Notification procedures:

  1. Notification of appropriate college officials.
  2. Forward of reports to campus security.
  3. Notification of appropriate law enforcement officials.
  4. Notification of the student's confidential contact (if filed).
  5. Notification of the student's parent if he or she is under 18 and not emancipated, a missing persons report has been filed, and the student has been missing for 24 hours.
    1. If the student has not submitted a confidential contact, a parent or legal guardian will be notified.

Crime Victims (§ 485(a)(26).)

Doane College will make available, upon written request, to any alleged victim of a crime of violence or non-forcible sex act the report of the results of the institution's disciplinary proceeding against the alleged perpetrator.



Doane College Annual Campus Crime Disclosure (2007)

Doane College Student Handbook 2008-2009

Grievance Procedure

Doane College wants to ensure prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any discrimination or other conduct prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (20 U.S.C. 794.)  If at any point a student, faculty or staff member believes that there has been a violation of ADA or Section 504, he or she should follow these steps:

  1. To file a grievance, the student, faculty or staff member must contact the college's Section 504 Coordinator within 30 working days of the alleged discrimination or other conduct. (In special circumstances an extension may be granted for filing a grievance.) All grievances should be filed with Laura Sears, Director of Human Resources and the College's designated Section 504 Coordinator. She may be contacted at (402) 826-6773 or via email at
  2. The 504 coordinator will make contact with the student or employee filing the grievance within two business days. The 504 coordinator will make a record of the meeting and may request person filing the complaint to present the grievance in writing.
  3. The 504 coordinator or her designee will conduct a thorough and impartial investigation of the complaint, during which all parties will have the opportunity to present witnesses and other evidence. 
  4. Upon review of the documentation and information gathering, the 504 coordinator will render a findings report to Doane College and will provide a copy of the findings report to the student or employee grievant.   The parents or guardians of a student grievant, if FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) permits, may request a copy of the findings report within 30 days after its filing.
  5. The person filing the complaint may request reconsideration of the report determination and findings if he or she is dissatisfied with the resolution.  This request should be made to the Section 504 Coordinator within 10 working days. The findings report will be provided to the Vice President for Student Leadership when a student requests reconsideration and to the Vice President for Finance and Administration when a faculty or staff member requests reconsideration.  The designated Vice President will be responsible for reviewing the report findings and resolution and making a determination in writing and providing copies of the written determination to the person filing the grievance within 10 working days. Report findings will also be filed with the 504 Coordinator.

The college will take steps, as appropriate, to remedy the effects of and prevent the recurrence of discrimination of which it has notice.