RST 415 - Buddhism (3)

This course is designed as an introduction to Buddhist history, religious thought, culture, practice, and belief. We will survey the history of Buddhism in various geographical contexts, as well as examine different areas of thought. We will read primary and secondary texts in order to: 1) gain an appreciation for and understanding of Buddhism through examining its historical development; 2) discuss various religious views, beliefs, values, self understandings, aesthetic expressions, and intellectual claims of Buddhists and Buddhist thinkers throughout the ages; 3) experience Buddhist practice through reading and discussion, as well as a field trip and other practical experiences; 4) engage how Buddhism has impacted and continues to impact our world today; 5) engage Buddhism via fictional representations; and 6) develop students' own informed view(s) of the subject matter through reading primary and secondary sources; in-class discussion; firsthand experience; and independent research. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have an understanding of 1) Buddhist thought and history; 2) the influence of Buddhism on the arts and history; and 3) Buddhist practice.

Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.
Offered even spring terms.

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