PHY 302 - Electricity and Magnetism (3)

A study of the interaction of charged particles with electric and magnetic fields. The topics which are studied include fields due to stationary charges or steady currents, basic dielectric properties of materials, the vector potential, Faraday's law, the motion of charged particles in fields, basic magnetic properties of materials, Maxwell's equations, and an introduction to electromagnetic waves. Completing the course allows the student to describe important definitions and relationships for each topic studied, describe the experimental observations that suggest or support the descriptions, make predictions using classical electromagnetic theory in each of the areas studied, and use analytical and numerical techniques to aid in the solution of problems posed by electromagnetic theory.

Prerequisite: PHY 201 , PHY 202  (or PHY 107 , PHY 108 ); MTH 235 , MTH 236 , MTH 337 , or permission.
Offered even fall terms.

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