MTH 213 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (3)

This course is intended for all prospective elementary and special education teachers in order to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematics they will teach in grades K-6.  Students will explore these mathematical ideas, justifying how and why they work while making connections to the classroom.  Topics include place value, decimals, addition & subtraction strategies and algorithms, multiplication & division strategies and algorithms, and fractions.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1) Identify important characteristics of the base-ten system; 2) Represent and interpret numbers in a variety of bases; 3) Develop number sense with respect to magnitude of large numbers; 4) Determine how the structure of word problems can impact the strategies young children use to solve them; 5) Use and justify a variety of strategies for mathematical operations; 6) Explain and use traditional and non-traditional algorithms; 7) Use manipulatives, models and number lines to represent decimal and fractional quantities in order to represent, compare and order them; 8) Model and explain mathematical operations on decimal and fractional quantities.

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