ESD 820 - Leading and Responding to Change (3)

This course will address the strategies of identifying critical issues at the local, state, and federal levels that will impact policy, resources, and practices at the local school-community levels. The students will develop the strategies for addressing the priority issues that are identified and the plans for the systematic resolution of identified priority issues. In this course, the students will develop a framework for systems and matrix thinking that honors the complexity of the school district including the building and programs that are units of the system. Students will also develop strategies for leading and responding to innovations including those labeled "disruptive" interventions, such as technologies and how they transform the work of the leaders at the district and schools levels. The course will develop strategies for addressing disruptive innovations such as technologies that include management of resources, tracking of critical data on student learning, the use of data for continuous improvement, and the reporting of relevant data to stakeholders and shareholders. Students will also develop the strategies for implementing "adaptive" work into the identification of change issues and the resolution of strategy to address them.

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