CMS 335 - Science Communication (3)

Prerequisites: CMM 113  /ENG 113  /JOU 113 OR at least 2 of the following: CMS 105  , CMS 112 CMS 220 CMS 315 , or CMS 321   OR at least 1 of the following: BIO 111  , CHM 126  , EGR 210  , IST 146  , MTH 144  , or PHY 202  . 
This course will analyze case studies, explore theory, and create communications to learn how people process, make sense of, construct arguments, and present scientific information to peers, students, journalists, and the public. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to consume and present scientific information from and to a variety of audiences. Students will also be able to use communication theory to inform decisions about how to improve the clarity, accuracy, effectiveness, and appropriateness of science communications. 

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