CMM 212 - Media and Popular Culture in Sports (3)

This course allows students to examine the links between three key obsessions of the 21st century: the media, sports and popular culture. Students will explore a wide range of sports and sports media texts, as well as issues including nationalism, gender, race, political economy and the changing patterns of media sports consumption. In addition, this class traces the historical evolution of the relationship between sports, mass media and popular culture, and examines the complex business relationships that have grown up around television/film, corporate sponsors, and sports.

Upon completion of this course, students will 1) develop knowledge regarding the complex interaction between media, sports and popular culture; 2) successfully identify and examine the economic, technological, aesthetic, and sociological generative mechanisms surrounding the creation and dissemination of a wide range of sports media texts; and 3) produce critical arguments commenting on specific forms of representation, such as masculinity, femininity, gender, GBLTQ, race, economics, class, consumerism, politics, and marginalized populations evident in live sporting event broadcasts and other popular cultural artifacts relating to sports (films, fictional/documentary TV programs) from the United States and worldwide.

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