EDU 609 - Student-Centered Math in the K-5 Classroom (3)

This course helps educators learn how to help students construct mathematical understanding by teaching through meaningful problem solving and rich, relevant tasks. Teachers will expand their knowledge of the NE Standards/Common Core Standards, learn developmental progressions within and across domains, learn how to develop math communities of self-regulated learners that enhance discourse, and learn strategies to teach math effectively and in ways that excite and motivate the wide range of student abilities and interests in classrooms by making math relevant and purposeful to the students' lives. This course links math to all subject areas and the real-world through the use of literature, manipulatives (Cuisenaire Rods, pentominoes, tangrams, pattern blocks, base-ten blocks, etc.), and real-life tools (glyphs, graphs, menus, events, maps, sports, etc.). These techniques and strategies will bring the NCTM Standards/Common Core Standards alive in the classroom. Participants will be able to apply the ideas to help students make sense of mathematics and apply it as a tool for reasoning and problem solving.

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