Feb 29, 2020  
ARCHIVED 2017-18 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2017-18 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHY 314 - Modern Physics (3)

An introduction to fundamental principles of physics used in describing molecules, atoms and nuclei. The course includes study of special relativity, introductory quantum mechanics, and applications of these theories. Experimental work in selected areas is performed. Completing the course allows the student to describe important definitions and relationships in each of the areas studied, understand historically important experiments which suggested each of the major theories, and perform calculations which apply the major theories discussed.

Prerequisite: PHY 201 , PHY 202  (or PHY 107 , PHY 108 ); MTH 235 , MTH 236 .
Offered even fall terms.