Oct 17, 2021  
ARCHIVED 2018-19 Graduate Studies Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-19 Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BUS 786 - The "Person" as Leader Coach: Basic Competencies (2)

Building on the focus on personal awareness in BUS 785, this course expands the focus to include interpersonal and leader awareness, particularly in relation to leader impact. Students will learn the power of connecting authentically with others through personal "story"; the relationship of non-doing to leader effectiveness; ways to live and lead more authentically from a place of purpose and values; ways to silence the inner critics that keep individuals from acting bravely and reaching their potential; and ways personality type impacts communication and personal and professional relationships. In addition, students will be introduced to coaching models and will apply specific coaching skills, including self-management, listening at deeper levels, and asking powerful questions.  Paired with faculty coaches, students will engage in a one-on-one coaching partnership to develop an understanding of the power of coaching.
Prerequisite: BUS 785