Aug 03, 2020  
ARCHIVED 2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2019-20 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BUS 450 - The Global Legal Environment (3)

Prerequisite: BUS 250  or instructor permission.
A course in the global environment of law as it applies to international business transactions. The course will cover the interrelationships among the laws of different countries and the legal effects on individuals and business organizations. The course includes economic, legal, political, governmental, financial and cultural issues related to the international business environment. The course focuses on the opportunities for, threats to, and options facing multinational or multicultural business enterprises. It emphasizes the interactions between the law and the host government, work force, consumer needs and cultural preferences. Students will be able to 1) explain various international laws and treaties; 2) apply applicable laws to cases and hypotheticals. Students will gain a global perspective of the legal implications, limitations and advantages of doing business in the world economy. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of conducting business in a foreign country.