Apr 19, 2021  
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2015-16 SA&S Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HIS 220 - Introduction to Historical Methods (2)

An introduction to the study of history, students will examine the methodologies used by professional historians to interpret the past and will learn the techniques needed to gather, analyze, and interpret a variety of historical data. Students who successfully complete this course will gain a better understanding of history and of the work of historians and will develop the analytical and research skills needed for history and the social sciences. In addition, students will gain a deeper understanding of the development and values of Western and non-Western cultures and the interrelations between people, systems, and social forces.

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing; History majors or Social Science Teaching majors only.
Offered fall term.