May 24, 2019  
2018-19 College of Arts & Sciences - Undergraduate Catalog - Crete 
2018-19 College of Arts & Sciences - Undergraduate Catalog - Crete

Environmental Science

Requirements for the Environmental Science Major:

Environmental Science majors must select a biology, chemistry, computational thinking, political science and policy, agriculture and natural resources, or science teaching emphasis.


(Students interested in employment or further study in air quality should take MTH 235 .) CMS 210  andENG 101  are strongly recommended. RES 495  and RES 496  for two credits each may be substituted for BIO/CHM/EVS 495  and BIO/CHM/EVS 496 .

Complete A, B, C, D or E:

A. Biology Emphasis

B. Computational Thinking Emphasis

C. Chemistry Emphasis

Requirements for Science Teaching Emphasis

Environmental Science majors completing this emphasis are qualified to teach earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics in grades 7-12.

Select a or b:

Select a or b:

All requirements listed under the catalog section Secondary Education.

Secondary Education