Dec 03, 2020  
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 Undergraduate Catalog

Health Sciences - Crete

Offered on the Crete campus

Mission Statement

Doane University's Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences mission is to provide an exceptional liberal arts education to prepare graduates to graciously lead through the development of innovative inquiry, personal values, and professional engagement as a committed member of the interprofessional team. Graduates are prepared for advancement in health care employment and/or continuing education for advanced health profession degrees.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Integrate knowledge from liberal arts education and principles of biological, physical, and social sciences to the study and interpretation of human health and disease.
  2. Apply critical thinking and innovative problem solving skills in health sciences.
  3. Demonstrate scientific inquiry and basic research skills through classroom, laboratory, and experiential learning.
  4. Analyze roles, systems, and emerging issues as they pertain to the ethical and legal responsibilities in health sciences.

Requirements for the Health Sciences Major:

Complete one of the following emphases:

Pre-Dental emphasis

Pre-Medicine emphasis

Pre-Nursing emphasis

Complete one of the following cognate courses:

Pre-Optometry emphasis

Pre-Pharmacy emphasis

Pre-Physician Assistant emphasis

Minor requirement for emphases:

All emphasis, except Nursing, require students to acquire one minor. Although not required, a second major would satisfy the minor requirement for this degree. 

*Students with an earned associates degree, diploma, or certificate of a minimum of 18 credits will have the minor requirement waived and HSI 110  .