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Article III. Community Life

Section 3.01 Campus Solicitation

Students have the right to assume that they will not be subject to undue intrusions upon their privacy. In order to minimize intrusions, the following guidelines govern contacts by off-campus individuals or organizations within the Doane University community.

The University does not distribute lists of student names to sales representatives or solicitors.

There will be no door-to-door solicitation by sales representatives, fund-raisers or other persons engaged in similar activities in any of the residence halls or campus buildings. Persons invited to conduct business with a student in his/her private room may come on campus to meet only with the student who requested the appointment. Students are encouraged to meet individuals in Perry Memorial Campus Center and not in residence halls.

Solicitation will generally be limited to Perry Memorial Campus Center, but on occasion may be permitted in the common areas of the traditional residence halls if approved by the Director of Residential Life and Education. All solicitation materials must have the Student Affairs Office stamp of approval displayed.

Solicitors must receive prior approval of the product, time, and place by the Executive Assistant in the Student Affairs Office.

Groups or organizations that are designing graphics for t-shirts or clothing with the intent to sell them to the student body need to have their design approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment as well as the Chief Marketing Officer (or their designee) prior to advertising their product.

Solicitation on campus by student organizations requires permission from the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Doane Athletic Director must approve solicitation at athletic events.

Students may not utilize campus facilities for the purpose of running or promoting personal businesses that compete with campus retailers.  (Example: Bookstore - book procurement or buyback)

Emails sent to All Campus listserves to promote student campus events will be reviewed and if approved, sent out from the Office of Campus Engagement. This office will have the authority to deny any request that it feels is inappropriate in content, design or focus within the Doane University community. The Office of Campus Engagement will contact the person making the request to apprise them of the policy-related issue with the announcement.


Advertising and Posting Policies

The goal of our policies is twofold. First, posted materials are easy to read and presented in an appropriate manner. Second, doors, windows and walls of campus facilities are kept free of clutter and are attractive.  In this spirit, the individuals or groups that post fliers/posters are responsible for removing them immediately following the activity.


Who can post fliers and posters?

Only Doane students and recognized student organizations (RSOs) which have registered with the Campus Engagement and Greek Life office are permitted to print and post fliers/posters on campus.

Student organizations which have not completed this registration process will not be able to print and post fliers/posters. For questions about being an RSO, please contact the Director of Campus Engagement and or the Assistant Director of Campus Engagement.

The following exception applies:  Groups outside of Doane University may submit two fliers/posters for posting in the Perry Memorial Campus Center.  The group must have the fliers/posters approval stamp of the Student Affairs Office.  Outside group fliers/posters must abide by the guidlines in this policy.


What should be included on my flier/poster?

At a bare minimum, the following are required to be on your flier/poster:

  • Event title
  • Date and Time
  • Contact Information for someone within the group or responsible party
  • The Official Student Affairs Office approval Stamp

References to and/or pictures of alcoholic beverages or alcohol-related events, illegal drugs or suggestive gestures may not be used explicitly or implicitly.


Can I use the Doane logo?

Fliers/posters with Doane logo(s) must follow the specific standards of identity for the University and obtain approval from the Senior Director for the Office of Strategic Communication (OSC).  You must email the OSC approval along with your Poster Approval Request.  Use this link for identity details. (http://www.doane.edu/osc/resources-guidelines/brand-guide)


How do I get my flier/poster approved?

The Student Affairs Office must approve ALL potential Flier/poster postings.  Approved fliers and posters will receive an approval stamp.  This stamp must be on all copies of displayed fliers/posters.  It is strongly recommended that you wait for this approval before making copies.

For approval requests, please email the poster as a PNG or JPG file format to studentaffairs@doane.edu with the email subject “Poster Approval Request”.

Fliers/posters denied approval due to minor error or failure to follow policy will be returned to the student/organization/submission owner.  Any dispute regarding a denial will be handled by the Student Affairs Office.

How do I make copies and/or get my flier/poster printed?

Printing or copying of fliers/posters may be done through the Doane Service Center located in Perry Memorial Campus Center, lower level.  An active Doane budget code will need to be provided or a cash/monetary charge will be collected prior to printing.

Anyone printing large fliers/posters should contact the Doane Service Bureau at sbprint@doane.edu or by calling 402-826-8316 for pricing and project completion.


Where can I put my flier/poster?

Fliers/posters should only be placed on existing bulletin boards or strips, kiosks, and other designated posting areas.  No flier/poster should be placed on doors, windows, bathroom stalls, or painted surfaces.

Residence Hall Community Directors will determine the posting areas for their individual residence halls and building supervisors will be responsible for posting placements in their respective buildings.


What can I use to hang our flier/poster?

Painters/masking taple is the only approved tape to be used.  Push pins/tacks on cork bulletin boards/strips and sticky tack for designated areas are acceptable.


 Additional options for advertising events on campus

Napkin dispensers in Perry Memorial Campus Center may be used for advertising events. This avenue of advertising must go through the Student Affairs Office. Posting of advertisement within the dispenser must be approved, stamped, and can only be advertised for 30 days from stamped approval date unless otherwise approved by the Student Affairs Office. Only one side of the dispenser may be used. Student Affairs Office will be responsible for changing out the advertisement. All advertisement for the dispenser will be printed to fit the size of 6.5” x 4”, landscape format, of the dispenser.

Table tent advertising placed around campus must follow above rules regarding appropriate information but does not require the approval stamp from the Student Affairs Office.

For any questions regarding the Flier/Poster Approval Policies and Guidelines, please contact the Director of Campus Engagement.

Section 3.02 Motor Vehicle Policies

  1. Registration
    1. Registration of student’s vehicles at Doane University is required and free-of-charge, however parking on Doane property is a privilege.  Parking registration authorizes student to park at Doane in designated areas during approved times. 
    2. Students who repeatedly fail to comply with parking policies will have the privilege revoked.  Students are encouraged to park their vehicle in an approved location and walk to classes and events as much as possible.  Parking in an unapproved area, regardless of the reason, will result in punitive actions. 
    3. All Doane students who operate and/or park any motor vehicle on campus are required to register their vehicle within 24 hours after the vehicle is brought to campus. This includes students who reside off campus as commuters.  Failure to do so will result in a fine, towing, vehicle immobilization (boot) or a ban from parking on campus. All registrations requests must be done via an email to the Public Safety Office (PSO).
    4. To register your vehicle, email a clear picture of your current vehicle registration and proof of insurance to the Public Safety Office (doanesafetyoffice@doane.edu).  This registration and insurance will be used to record the model and make of the vehicle and the license plate number, along with insurance information in case of emergency. No vehicle will be registered without a current vehicle registration and insurance.  Once you have registered your vehicle (as long as you don’t change vehicles), the Public Safety Office can use the same information to registered your vehicle in following years (upon your request).
  2. Parking Stickers
    1. You must have a current registration sticker for parking on the Doane campus.  Parking stickers should be placed on the outside of the reat window iun the lower right-hand corner (opposite the driver’s side). 
    2. Parking permits cannot be taped and must be fully affixed to the window.
    3. Permits are required for motorcycles and bicycles.
    4. Temporary parking permits are available for specific periods of time. The same procedure is used to register these vehicles. Students may apply for a special parking permit for restricted areas in cases where an exception is warranted.
    5. Unauthorized use of a sticker will carry a minimum of a $100 fine (charged as a parking ticket on the student account) and will be turned over to Judicial Affairs.
    6. Repeated violation of parking policy will result in the loss of the privilege of parking on-campus.
    7. The University reserves the right to add parking stickers to student vehicles (while being ticketed) if they are parking on campus property and not properly registered.  This is done in an effort to assist the student and reduce future tickets for being non-registered.
  3. Parking Areas (Doane has five (5) types of student parking):
    1. Student Parking - ORANGE STICKER: These lots are open for all enrolled and properly permitted students/vehicles.
    2. Motorcycle Parking - Students who have a motorcycle on campus may park in designated motorcycle parking areas. Motorcycle may also park in other approved parking spaces (as long as the student is approved to park there).  Please see parking map on our Web site for details. Motorcycles must be registered at the Doane Safety Office, and you must have a valid motorcycle license and proof of insurance to register. Motorcycles parking outside of designated areas are subject to ticketing and tow per normal vehicle parking regulations.
    3. General Parking Lots (GUEST) - Designated overflow parking areas are the Fuhrer Fieldhouse and east Hansen Hall parking lot These are areas that upperclassmen, first- year, and commuter students can all park when other parking lots are full or not available. Note: If you need an escort from these parking lots to your residence hall or academic building, call the Safety Office at 402.826.8669, 24/7.
    4. (After Hours Only!) - Faculty and staff lots are open to students AFTER business hours (6am-5pm Monday - Friday).
    5. Long-term Parking (Academic year only) - For registered student vehicles there are two academic year “long-term” parking lots identified on campus.  These lots are for students who leave campus for more than 24 hours.  Students must be able to either: Move their vehicle at the request of the University; or park in a long-term parking lot if they will be off campus for more than 24 hours.  This allows the University to access and clear parking lots in the event of emergency issues (e.g., Snow removal, accidents, construction projects).  Vehicles left on campus by the owner and not moved at University request are subject to towing at the owners cost.
  4. Restricted Parking
    1. Faculty/Staff - Restricted Lots during these times Monday - Friday 6am - 5pm) - These lots are restricted for use by Doane employees. These areas include Communications, semi-circle drive through Gaylord, Con, and Padour Walker, and the circle drive between Padour Walker and Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art buildings. Restricted lots are not available to students without a special permit between the hours of 6 am through 5 pm, Monday - Friday.
      1. Note: Most campuses keep their restricted lots closed to students and guests 24/7.  At Doane these lots are only closed part of each week day. 
    2. CD/CA and Facilities Services parking spaces are for the use of each respective Doane staff member only. Students who are in violation are subject to tickets, immobilization or towing.
  5. Parking violations that may result in tickets ,towing or immobilization include, but aren’t limited to:
    1. Failure to display a valid parking permit in the appropriate location on the vehicle.
    2. Parking in restricted lots without appropriate permit.
    3. Parking in an CD/CA or Facilities Services Space. (May result in immediate towing/immobiliations with one (1) ticket)
    4. Failure to park between the lines marking parking stalls.
    5. Parking against the direction of traffic.
    6. Parking on lawns, in driveways, in no parking areas, by yellow curbs, in front of garbage pick-up areas, in handicapped only spaces (without a handicapped permit) or other unauthorized areas.
    7. Unauthorized use and/or failure to use a parking sticker will result in tickets, towing, immobilization or a ban from campus parking. 
      1. Tickets can still be added to the student account of students who do not register their vehicle.  The University tracks all tickets written, even on non-registered vehicle.  This means a student could receive dozens of ticket charges all at once if we determine who owns the vehicle.  This includes tickets from prior years.
    8. One-way violation.  All community members must follow the posted parking signs.  This includes one-way signs.
    9. Speeding.  The campus speed limit is 15 mph.
    10. Reckless Driving is not permitted on campus and will result in tickets or a ban from campus parking. Students will be held responsible for tow charges even if they appear prior to the arrival of the tow truck. Doane also owns a vehicle boot and will boot cars parked illegally. To get a vehicle released from the boot requires a $25 payment. If your vehicle is booted, please contact the Doane Safety Office.
    11. Parking fines will be added to student’s account 5 days following issue of the ticket.
  6. Appeals Process
    1. Tickets may be appealed to the Public Safety Office within five days from the date the ticket was issued. After five days, appeals will not be considered.  Appeals must be submitted online and can be found at this link: (http://www.doane.edu/campus-parking-information). 
      1. Limits of appeals:  Appeals will only be considered for the following:
        1. Inaccurate information on ticket that prevents confirmation of violation (Note: a picture is taken of all vehicles when ticketed)
        2. Error in parking policy on the part of PSO (e.g., Vehicle had a special permit to park in the location that was not observed at the time of ticketing)
        3. Verification that a request to register a vehicle was received prior to the ticket (Note: Students are still responsible for placing the requested sticker on their vehicle within 24 hours of its placement in their mailbox or pick up from the office).
      2. Appeals that will NOT be considered:
        1. Running late for meals, work or class (regardless of time)
        2. Approval to park in restricted areas by other staff, faculty or departments without prior Public Safety Office approval
        3. Unwillingness to walk from parking lots or spaces further than you wish to walk
        4. Wanting to park closer due to weather conditions
  7. Driving Regulations
    1. Motor vehicles driven on campus must be operated within the campus’ speed limit of 15 miles per hour (or slower if posted or communicated for special events). This includes any/all directional postings including one-way streets. Violations for speeding will be given out at the Safety Office’s discretion.
    2. Vehicles must not be driven on campus sidewalks or grass. Failure to abide by this regulation will result in a minimum fine of $100 and/or compensation to the school for any damages.  Fines will be applied directly to the students account.
    3. Passengers may not ride in truck beds, on roofs or hang out of windows while driving on Doane campus property.
    4. Golf carts and Cushman’s operated on Doane property must operate at 5 miles per hour when driving on Doane sidewalks and grounds.  Drivers of these vehicles must pull to the side and stop to allow pedestrian traffic to pass safely.  Reckless or excessive speed driving will result in the immediate confiscation of the vehicle keys and a report to the office or department the student is working for.  The student may also be subject to judicial action,
  8. Important Notes (Must Read):
    1. Parking regulations are in continuous effect 24 hours-7 days a week. (This includes breaks and vacations.)
    2. Parking tickets may be placed in a students mailbox.  This typically occurs when the vehicle is moved by the time staff arrive to cite it or when a moving-violation is involved (e.g., driving down a oneway).
    3. Cars blocking access to trash containers, driveways, or other vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. Once the University has requested a tow truck because of parking violations, the owner/operator of the vehicle is responsible for any cost incurred.
    4. Students must move their vehicles to the Den or Hansen Hall Far south guest parking area when leaving campus for more than 24 hours
      1. Vehicles that are not moved immediately when requested by the University because the student is “off-campus” will be subject to towing (example: snow removal).
      2. Vehicles cannot be left abandoned in any campus parking lot over the summer.  Students must move their vehicle off campus during the summer unless they are living on campus or enrolled in summer classes at the Crete campus.
    5. An accumulation of three tickets in a semester will result in disciplinary action in addition to the fine. Sanctions typically include restricted parking and may result in denial of on-campus parking or towing/booting the vehicle in lieu of issuing another ticket. Towing and/or booting the vehicle will be at the student’s expense. Should your car be towed or booted, please contact the Doane Safety Office.  Vehicles that have more than 3 parking tickets will be placed on a tow list, owner warned via letter in mailbox and email, then vehicle will be towed on next violation.
    6. Vehicles may be ticketed 1 time per shift. Shifts are 7 am until 3 pm, 3 pm until 11 pm, and 11 pm until 7 am.  However, if the vehicle moves to another location during the shift, or is involved in a subsequent violation, the university may issue as many tickets as necessary to address the situation.
    7. Failure to comply with parking regulations will result in parking tickets, vehicle booting, towing of the vehicle or removal of parking privileges resulting in a vehicle ban from campus. The Public Safety Office will ticket parking violations.  The City of Crete limits parking on Boswell Avenue, 13th Street, and other residential streets to 24 hours. Tickets will be assessed by city officials.  
    8. Student vehicles must be maintained and operable at all times.  It is the owners responsibilty to ensure their vehicle is mechanically able to be moved when requested by the University.  Due to obstructed views and close parking, University parking lots are not appropriate locations to provide maintenance to a vehicle (other than tire replacement or battery jump-start).

Section 3.03 Gathering Policy (Party Policy)

A gathering or party is defined at Doane University by the actions and activities that draw attention to it (i.e. noise, violation of policy, damage to property, and occupancy violation). Students that utilize university residential facilities to host parties are subject to disciplinary action including removal from housing. In the event of illegal activities, such as minors consuming alcohol or procurement to a minor is suspected, local law enforcement may be notified. The following are potential identifiers of gatherings or parties that the Residential Life and Education Staff look for to articulate a violation of policy.

This is not an all-inclusive list and not all listed identifiers must be occurring at once to indicate a violation of policy:

  1. Excessive noise (music, voices) heard coming from any room, suite, quad, or common space that is disruptive to the peace of the Residence Community.
  2. Noise complaints from other community residents.
  3. People and students gathering outside of balconies, rooms, lounges, or suites.
  4. Student numbers exceeding the room capacity size (set by Doane University and the Fire Marshal) seen entering a room, suite, or common places.  Typically, occupancy is double the room capacity.  For example, if a room has a capacity for two people the occupancy size is four people.  Anything beyond four people would be a gathering violation.
  5. Damages, vandalism, and other disruptive incidents that indicate the assigned residents do not have control of their room, lounge or suite (including incidents that occur on balconies or nearby property after guests leave).
  6. Main doors left open due to the amount of people entering and leaving.
  7. Excessive time taken to locate a resident of the room or suite when Residential Life and Education staff attempt to make contact with the room’s residents.

Section 3.04 Social Event Policy

Greek and other student organizations may host a variety of events throughout the academic year.  Doane University requires that all events that include alcohol, or are off-campus, or require travel, be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the event for approval with the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs using the Event Registration and Risk Assessment Form. Prior to submission, the form shall be reviewed by the leadership of the organization and its advisers, and be signed by at least one of such leaders and one of such advisors.

Events where alcohol will be served can present challenges for members of Greek and other student organizations, and thus this Policy has been developed to ensure that Doane University expectations are anticipated by all groups and met for all events. This policy sets minimum requirements but is not all encompassing. Some events will require additional risk management policies and procedures, which will be determined by the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs. This policy is subject to change at Doane University’s discretion. 

  1. Definition of terms

Event: an activity which has been pre-contemplated by membership; it must have a start and end time. 

Safe Environment: low risk of alcohol or other drug intoxication, dangerous behavior or violations of the campus code of conduct.

  • All social events planned and provided by any Greek or student organization must comply with the following minimum requirements (additional requirements may be imposed by the Office of Finance & Administration, Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs, based upon the nature of the event):
  • All aspects of the event must follow Nebraska state law, federal and local laws, and University policy, and no illegal drugs or other controlled substances will be permitted at any event.  

  • No alcoholic beverages may be served or provided at any event unless approved by the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs and the host organization complies the protocols below. No hard liquor may be served at any event. At an approved on-campus or off-campus event, licensed third party vendors are required for alcohol service. Third party vendors are the only parties allowed to serve and distribute alcoholic beverages at an event to students, who must be of legal drinking age, with proof of a valid ID. Third party vendors must provide designated wristbands to identify minors and “of age” event participants. All attendees must wear a wristband. All contracts for vendors must be approved and signed by the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs.

  • At an approved on-campus or off-campus event serving alcoholic beverages, it is required that non-alcoholic beverages and snacks/food be provided by the host organization at no cost to all attendees.

  • 10% of the attendees or 4 people (whichever number is greater) of the hosting group(s), referred to as “sober monitors,” must remain sober throughout the event.  3 of the sober monitors must be from the following: President, Vice President, Social Chair, or Risk Management Chair. Exceptions to this may be made at the discretion of the Office of Greek Life or Office of Student Affairs. Sober monitors must attend the entire event in addition to 30 minutes before and after the event’s scheduled beginning and ending times. Sober monitors shall not consume alcohol the day of, during and within 30 minutes after an event. Sober monitors must be active members of the host organization, but not new members.

  • Depending on the location of the event, there are additional requirements:

  • For events hosted off-campus in Crete, NE:

  • Three designated sober drivers are allowed to use Doane University’s vehicles (minivans or 12-passenger vans) to transport members and their guests to and from event location. Anyone who uses Doane University vehicles must be certified by taking a course online. The expense of such use shall be determined by Doane and be paid by the host organization.


  • Members are allowed at their expense to use commercially licensed transportation to transport members and their guests to and from event location.


  • For events hosted off-campus outside of Crete, NE:

  • Commercially licensed transportation should be provided by the host organization at its expense so that guests can safely leave within a reasonable timeframe of their desired departure time. For example, a shuttle service, bussing service, Uber, Lyft, etc. could be used to transport members and their guests to and from the event.  All contracts for vendors need to be vetted and approved by the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs.

  • If using a theme, member organizations hosting events will have a theme that is an appropriate representation of the University values, their organizations’ values, and not be demeaning to any individual, group, or population.  

  • The organization’s leadership shall provide for event attendees to sign in and out upon entering and exiting the event to ensure no one is stranded at the venue or leaves in an unsafe manner and shall take any other reasonable steps to promote a Safe Environment. The organization’s leadership and sober monitors shall be responsible for arranging, in conjunction with the off-campus facility staff, for security or persons to handle emergencies, disruptions, including removal of persons who are being disruptive, and to ensure no one leaves the venue with alcohol.

  • Each member of the sponsoring/hosting organization is allowed no more than two invited guests. Guests should adhere to this policy as outlined. The member is responsible for their guests and sharing expectations with those invited and such guests must sign and have the member submit to the Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs a Waiver and Release for Described Event. The sponsoring/hosting organization’s leadership shall monitor the number of guests and members invited and then actually attending and take measures to restrict the total number of actual attendees to the rated capacity limits of the event venue.

  • The Office of Greek Life or the Office of Student Affairs may require from the sober monitors or leadership of an event a post-event report in such form as such office requires.

  • The Office of Greek Life and the Office of Student Affairs may deny any event serving alcohol during Greek Week, Stop Day, finals week or spring break.

Prior to hosting any social event involving alcoholic beverages, the Greek or other student organization must have demonstrated that the following obligations have been met:

  • Each semester, Greek or other student organizations should include alcohol and bystander intervention education in a regular meeting. This education will be provided by the Office of Campus Life.

  • All members of the organization should be trained to recognize and care for alcohol poisoning. 

 Failure to abide by the procedures in this policy and the Doane Student Code of Conduct will result in judicial sanctions, including, but not limited to removal of consequent social events for a minimum of one year.

Section 3.05 Hazing

Hazing in any form is strictly prohibited. This refers to any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally, whether on or off-campus premises, endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student. Such activities and situations include, but are not limited to, paddling in any form, creating excessive fatigue, forced consumption of any substance (such as food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol), forced road trips, kidnapping, morally degrading games or stunts, or other activities prohibited by law or university policy. Individuals, organizations, or athletic teams in violation of the hazing policy are subject to action by the administration and/or the Greek Council. Nebraska State Law § 28-311: Hazing shall mean any activity by which a person intentionally or recklessly endangers the physical or mental health or safety of an individual for the purpose of initiation into, admission into, affiliation with, or continued membership with any organization as defined in subdivision (1)(b) of this section. Such hazing activity shall include whipping, beating, branding, forced and prolonged calisthenics, prolonged exposure to the elements, forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug, or harmful substance not generally intended for human consumption, prolonged sleep deprivation, or any brutal treatment or the performance of any unlawful act which endangers the physical or mental health or safety of any person.


Section 3.06 Freedom of Expression Policy

Guiding Statement

The University respects the right to free expression by all members of the University community both inside and outside the classroom and at college-sponsored events, so long as the expression of those views do not disrupt the ability of the University to operate. Doane University is committed to providing a learning environment that is secure for all members enrolled or employed at the institution, regardless of location or modality. The University maintains an environment in which reasonable limits are placed on the time, place, and manner of speech on campus without favoring the content or viewpoint represented. The University embraces the value of a wide array of viewpoints as a mainstay of the educational mission of Doane University.

Expectations of Civil Discourse in our Campus Community

As a community committed to the learning and development of every individual within it, Doane University embraces the responsibility of all its members – students, faculty, staff, members of administration and the Board of Trustees, as well as visitors to our campuses – to serve as role models for civility in all discourse and to help create and sustain an inclusive climate in a community of diverse backgrounds, identities, and perspectives. While civility is always the preferred mode of discourse, all campus members are reminded that the First Amendment’s protection of expression includes the protection of uncivil confrontation or views that seem offensive or impolite to others. Doane aligns itself with this protection, but also with the bright line that exists between the merely uncivil and speech that meets the legal criteria of true threats, harassment, or other speech acts unprotected by the First Amendment. In that spirit, the University will not tolerate or facilitate expression that threatens the safety of the community or its members.

Doane University has long been committed to providing an environment in which the ideals of academic freedom are honored. Campus members are encouraged to refer to the University’s policy on academic freedom for information regarding the expectation of faculty members’ conduct as educators.  Campus members are encouraged to refer to applicable handbooks for students, staff, and faculty for guidelines specific to campus expectations for behavior and accountability or grievance procedures. No portion of this policy shall serve as an exception or contradiction to Doane University’s policies regarding Anti-Harassment, Sexual Assault, Title IX, Domestic Violence or other similar policies governing acceptable conduct for Doane campus members, both students and staff/faculty.

Campus Events, Demonstrations or Assembly

Campus events in any location or modality should follow policies and procedures established by the University. Campus members seeking to host an event of any kind should work directly with the Doane University Event Services office. By sharing the anticipated purpose and attendance for the event, hosts are inviting campus event staff to ensure that the time, date, location and resources for the event are appropriate for the intended purpose of the audience.  Campus demonstrations, vigils, rallies or protests – unplanned or “pop-up” demonstrations – are subject to campus policies and procedures as outlined with the Doane University Event Services Office as well as expectations of the greater campus community. Such expressions are permitted so long as they give consideration to the ability for all campus community members to engage fully in the functions of the University.  

All campus events are subject to the University’s ability to safely provide for those visiting our campuses. Thus, allowable sizes for demonstrations will be based upon the legal capacity for the intended spaces, the security and safety resources the University is able to provide for the space, and the comportment of the organizing host(s). Hosts and participants may be asked to relocate before or during the event by University staff.  It is possible events hosted on campus may draw attention from other campus members resulting in the form of demonstrations or assemble. In the case of such a demonstration, the two groups/assemblies will be treated by staff as two separate events, and be subject to the procedures outlined in this policy. Campus members are reminded that the University is at liberty to determine how all assemblies may be conducted based on resources available, location of the event, and comportment of participants.

Persons affiliated with Doane University are invited to work with the University to plan events which may be open to the public. Hosts for events are responsible for many aspects of the event, including ensuring that behavior of all participants are in keeping with the mission and values of Doane University and with the University’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all its members. Thus, hosts are reminded that it is University policy that all campus members be able to provide their campus identification upon request and that persons visiting our campus may be asked by University staff to exit campus property if their behavior is deemed inappropriate.

Hosts are expected to be supportive in assisting University staff upon request.

Unavailable public forum locations:

Certain locations on campus are not public forums and are not available for freedom of expression events, meetings, or demonstrations unless an exemption is granted by the Office of Events. These include:

  • Private Offices

  • Laboratories

  • Areas that restrict entry and exit from buildings per fire codes

  • Residential facilities

  • Classrooms or areas with pre-scheduled events

  • Maintenance/facilities storage areas, boiler rooms, Data Center, IT closets and work areas  or other areas that require servicing for support power and emergency equipment

  • Parking areas/lots

  • Sidewalks or areas that would restrict freedom of movement by others

  • Dining facilities or areas where food is being served

  • Athletic facilities​​

Demonstration and Expression Areas (with approval):

5.1 Link

Passive Demonstrations, Public Postings and Social Media

Doane University embraces the variety of communication modalities available to all our campus members and recognizes that some expressions of opinion may occur outside the structure of physical campus events.  Campus members are encouraged to refer to University policies regarding the posting of materials on our campuses, use of University technology resources and informal gatherings in campus spaces.

7. Information and Resources for Campus Event Planning

Event Services Office  

Human Resources Office  

Division of Student Affairs  

Division of Academic Affairs