Jun 21, 2024  


The Developing Professional


Student Handbook

Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Leadership

Education Specialist

Initial Certification at the Advanced Level Program

Additional Endorsements

Master of Arts in Counseling with an Emphasis in School Counseling



The Deans of Graduate Studies in Education are committed to keeping students informed of policy, procedures, expectations, and guidelines.  The Univeristy Graduate Catalog forms one part of the available information.  This handbook is another integral part of the information students may access for information about the program.

While the program endeavors to give students advance notice of procedures and academic requirements, from time to time it may be necessary to take immediate action to respond to changing circumstances.  Accordingly, the Doane Univeristy Teacher Education Unit reserves the right to make such additions, deletions, and alterations to the policies and procedures set forth in this handbook as well as those in other official program publications.