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ARCHIVED 2016-17 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2016-17 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

German, Teaching Advising Guide

First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring Fall Spring


Reasoning FAK

Any Community

and Identity FAK

EDU 221   EDU 221  



EDU 341  

LAR 303  or 

EDU 453  

GER 429  


Perspectives FAK

Any Global

Cultural FAK

EDU 321  

Any Human

Creativity FAK

  EDU 361   Student Teaching  


Communication FAK

IST 201   EDU 325   GER 311     GER 323      
GER 203  

Any In Search of 

Meanings and Values FAK

GER 310   LAR 202     GER 324      
LAR 101   GER 204   EDS 207   GER 322     GER 415      

Additional requirements:

  1. A student must earn 12 to 16 credits in German in a semester or summer abroad program, with the approval of the department.  The student has the option of earning up to 24 credits for a full year abroad.
  2. Complete all requirements listed under the catalog section Secondary Education.
  3. Complete one additional teaching major or subject endorsement.

Special Notes:

  1. Students should meet with Dr. Linda Kalbach early in the fall term and should meet prior to preregistration each term.
  2. Most upper level courses are offered alternate years.