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ARCHIVED 2018-19 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-19 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors and Awards 2017-18

Doane Scholar

Students who were awarded the title of Doane Scholar for three and half years of high scholarship at Doane include:

Bret S. Andrew Lauren E. Doane Dylan James Mayfield
Anna M. Bauerle Emily L. Folkerts Morgan K. Meyer
David T. Beran Emily J. Harsin Heidi Rathjen
Jamie N. Bohlen Colin D. Koehler Brooke L. Ronhovde
Ronnie R. Brust Shelby Gene Lawton Michael J. Shavlik
Breeanna M. Burkinshaw Erin E. Lukin Sara N. Steinauer

Honors and Awards

Actuarial Excellence Chase A. Stone
Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Award: Ronnie R. Brust
Julia M. Reed
Alumni Senior Awards: Aspen M. Green
Kennerly D. Bentray
Ben Grimes Memorial Baseball Scholarship: Tommy Anderson
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship: Jake Sanner
Bert Knapp Trophy: Cole Wiseman
Bill Bayer Memorial Scholarship: Jordan Van Roy
Chemistry Award: Tanner Sand
Dr. David H. Smith Memorial Research Award: Truc H. Doan
Dawes Oratorical Award: Kennerly D. Bentray
Doane Band Award: Patrick S. Thimes
Doane Theatre Award: David T. Beran
Daniel J. Haussler
Environmental and Earth Sciences Achievement Award: Hunter Kleinschmidt
Information Science Technology Excellence Foundations Award: Ben Zweiner
JET Award Rachel L. Schartz
John E. Makota Information Science & Technology: Andrew C. Klein
Ashby C. Mullin-Conant
Joseph & Nancy Chapman Music Education Vocal Scholarship: Chelcey Mannel
Karly Nitsch
Kaitlyn Erickson Pro-Musica Award: David T. Beran
Kenneth R. Rossman Prize in History: Peter Strobel
Kerry Strayer Scholarship Jesse Gichuru
Levi & Hazel Wilson Fellowship: Kailey A. Meyer
Sydney K. Pfeifer
Lumir C. Havlicek Concert Band Scholarship: Sarah Hokamp
Makosky Prize: Dylan J. Mayfield
Male Athlete of the Year: Tommy Anderson
Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards At Large: Cheyanna M. Jessen
Matthew Villerrael
Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards First-Year: Ryleigh Gebers
Julian Johnson-Millan
Jimmy Nguyen
Bailey Roberts
Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards Xanadu: Kaelan Brooks
Kellen Korinek
Christian Stacy
Maria Wendt
Taylor Wiens
Emily Yokel
Mary L. Chapin Art Award: Tanner G. Boesiger
Mathematics Excellence Award: Chase A. Stone
Mike Danaher Memorial Scholarship: Madison Lambley
M. David Osterhout Human Relations Award Moises Valadez
Modern Languages Award: Colin D. Koehler
Elizabeth K. Kurtz
The Nebraska Society of CPAs Foundation Fifth-Year Scholarship: Jarod R. Fiegener
Zach S. Zahnow
The Nebraska Society of CPAs Foundation General Scholarship: Lauren Schmidt
Novice Speaker Award: Allison Jasso
Outstanding 1st Year Calculus Student: Blane Wood
Outstanding Physics Achievement Award: Braden A. Knuth
Outstanding Senior in Economics & Business Award: Jarod R. Fiegener
Philip Stuart Becker Award: Emily Harsin
Robert D. Muckel Tri Beta Awards: Ellen Anderson
Najee S. Mustafaa
Zackry R. Stevenson
Ruth Mary Stevens Prize: Michael J. Shavlik
Sanderson Prizes: Zach Brittain
Emily Harsin
Sharon Wilch Woman Athlete of the Year: Allison Kuenle
Sigma Tau Delta Outstanding Senior in English: Cheyanne M. Jessen
Elizabeth K. Kurtz
Student Congress-Outstanding Teachers of the Year: Kimberly Jarvis
Heather Lambert
Student Congress Staff Awards: Dennis Amoateng
Michael Stehlik
Thomas Doane Outstanding Awards Faculty: John Burney
Thomas Doane Outstanding Awards Staff: Sarah Zulkoski
Helen Doane Perry Outstanding Student Bret S. Andrews
Emily E. Belak

Distinguished Scholars

Doane University has an impressive tradition of students who have received scholarships following graduation from Doane.

DAAD Dankstipendien Award

1964 Rennie W. Brantz ‘64, history, Munich, Germany

Danforth Graduate Fellowship

The Danforth Graduate Fellowship was initiated in 1951 to provide fellowships and financial awards for students who are committed to teaching careers and who are seeking a doctorate or other appropriate advanced terminal degree. Danforth Fellowships are highly selective, with approximately 120 fellows awarded in the United States each year.

1952 Verlyn L. Barker ‘52, church history, Yale University, New Haven, CT
1954 Donald A. Tarr ‘54, mathematics/chemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT
1964 John R. Perry ‘64, philosophy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarships are awarded each year for students, teachers, and scholars to study, teach and conduct research at international sites. Administered by the U.S. Information Agency, the Fulbright Program began in 1946.

The following Doane graduates are listed with their majors and place of study:

1952 John W. Bohi ‘52, history, Vienna, Austria
1952 Glenna A. Buck ‘52, English, Southampton, England
1953 Donald J. Ziegler ‘50, history, Munich, Germany
1955 Lillian L. Albrecht ‘55, music, Stuttgart, Germany
1961 *Janice L. Westover ‘61, French, France
1967 Edward G. Heilman ‘67, history, Münster, Germany
1968 Gaylen G. Kapperman ‘67, mathematics/German, Heidelberg, Germany
1972 Patricia K. Williams ‘72, philosophy, Tübingen, Germany
1973 Michael J. Reid ‘73, history, Marburg, Germany
1974 Gregg H. Siewert ‘74, French government, France
1974 Jill A. Smith ‘74, history, Bonn, Germany
1975 Gretchen E. Lerner ‘75, music, Cologne, Germany
1976 Ellen L. Bredemeier ‘76, German/humanities, Germany
1978 George S. Haskins ‘78, history, Göttingen, Germany
1980 David H. Blackmon ‘80, history, Heidelberg, Germany
1981 *Laura J. Olsen ‘81, biology/math, Kiel, Germany
1982 John E. Juricek ‘82. history/philosophy/religion, Kiel, Germany
1984 Anne M. Seipold ‘84. history/political science, Freiburg, Germany
1985 Lance W. Lippold ‘85. international studies/English, Osnabrück, Germany
1986 Mary H. Schumacher ‘86, natural science, Heidelberg, Germany
1987 Kay L. Bestol ‘87, history/secondary education, Kiel, Germany
1987 John P. Quinn ‘87, chemistry, Heidelberg, West Germany
1988 Kent R. Grote ‘88, economics, Bayreuth, West Germany
1989 Kent E. Lewis ‘89, economics, Mannheim, Germany
1989 Leslie C. Working ‘89, history, Bielefeld, Germany
1992 MaLinda D. Henry ‘92, biology, Göttingen, Germany
1992 Nancy S. Berns ‘92, sociology/criminology, Hamburg, Germany
1994 Katherine C. Jordan ‘94, political science, Bonn, Germany
1995 Heidi R. Kraus ‘95, German, Salzburg, Austria
1995 Brandon L. Kostman ‘95, German/Spanish, Saxony, Germany
1996 Shawn W. Huelle ‘96, English/German, Bremen, Germany
1996 Heather M. Thompson ‘96, chemistry, Marburg, Germany
1997 *Janell L. Anderson ‘97, biology/French
1997 Jill K. Taylor ‘97, biology/German, Bonn, Germany
1998 Chad Egger ‘98, biology, France
1999 Kimberly Pavelka ‘99, biology/German, Kiel, Germany
1999 Lee Wilbur ‘99, German/French/international studies, Seoul, South Korea
2000 Paul Barta ‘00, political science/Spanish, Spain
2000 Julie Mitchell ‘00, German/business administration, Freiburg, Germany
2000 *Jacquelyn Seitz ‘00, English/French
2001 Adrienne Bambach ‘01, honors biology/German, Berlin, Germany
2002 Jana Stangl ‘02, English/French, Nice, France
2002 Ginger Starks ‘02, German/history, Saxony, Germany
2003 Megan Nicholson ‘03, German/French, Tübingen, Germany
2004 Aaron Hall ‘04, business/German/political science, Potsdam, Germany
2004 Kari Quammen ‘04, French/English, Marseilles, France
2006 Kamleh Shaban ‘06, honors biology, Jordan
2007 Emily Jordening ‘07, German/Spanish, Hannover, Germany
2008 Mary Reimers ‘08, music, Murrhardt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
2009 *Audrey Brydl-Andrews ‘09, elementary education/Spanish, Alicante, Spain
2009 Mike Guericke ‘09, chemistry/German, Heidelberg, Germany
2009 Rachel Rasmussen ‘08, history/Spanish, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
2010 Kristen Erthum ‘10, political science/international studies, Port Said, Egypt
2010 Tyler Jackman ‘10, business administration/French, Saint-Quentin, France
2010 Kara Maize ‘10, elementary education/Spanish, Madrid, Spain
2011 Malissie Boyer ‘11, German/English, Hemmingen, Germany
2011 Marcus Lyon ‘11, biochemistry/German, Karlsruhe, Germany
2012 Aprill Bodlak ‘12, English as second language/German/Spanish, Peru
2012 Rachel Kluthe ‘12, elementary education/Spanish, Madrid
2013 Ryan Corrigan ‘13, environmental science/Spanish, India
2014 Gentry Adam Doane ‘14 Spanish/German, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
2015 Krista Couton ‘15 music, Taiwan
2015 Maggie Jo Hubbell ‘15 German/French, Germany
2015 Elizabeth Adele Sather ‘15 elementary education, Turkey
2015 Tyler James Strobl ‘15 elementary education, Brazil
2016 Jordyn Atwater ‘16 biochemistry, Karlsruhe, Germany
2016 Amanda Petersen ‘16 English language arts, Bulgaria
2017 Hannah Dull ‘17 English and Spanish, Brazil
2018 * Rachel Jacobsen ‘18 elementary education, Bulgaria
2018 Elizabeth K. Kurtz ‘18 English, Germany

* Received Fulbright Scholarship but did not participate in program

Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes Scholarships are highly selective, full scholarship awards which provide two years of graduate study at Oxford University in England. Approximately 32 scholarships are awarded each year to graduates from the United States.

1950 Henry P. Grosshans ‘43, English, Oxford, England

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship was established in 1945 to recruit promising students for the college teaching profession and to support them during their first year of graduate study. The Woodrow Wilson Fellowship is no longer in existence.

1961 David E. Meerse ‘61, history, University of Illinois, Urbana
1964 John R. Perry ‘64, philosophy, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1965 Douglas M. Kellner ‘65, philosophy, Columbia University, NY
1966 Shirley J. Wilson ‘66, behavioral science, Stanford University, CA