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ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors and Awards 2020-21

Crete Campus Honors and Awards

Lincoln, Omaha, and Online Honors and Awards

Crete Campus Honors and Awards

Doane Scholar

Students who were awarded the title of Doane Scholar for three and half years of high scholarship at Doane include:

  • Natalie Brainard
  • Michael Coffey
  • Hannah Core
  • Olivia DeFord
  • Ryleigh Gebers
  • Junyi Geng
  • Jordan Klein
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Breanna Patterson
  • Garrett Reese
  • Tanner Sand
  • Benjamin Saul
  • Syerra Watson
  • Payton Zarkowski

Honors and Awards

Alpha Lambda Delta Katherine Buell Award:  Ryleigh Gebers, Matthew Jamison

Alumni Senior Award:  Amanda Insalaco, Emerson Keithley

Dr. David H. Smith Memorial Research Award:  Grace Su

Dawes Oratorical Award:  Allison Jasso

Doane Band Award:  Michael Coffey

Doane Theatre Award:  Sheila Murphy

Environmental and Earth Sciences Achievement Award: no 20-21 recipient

Excellence in Education Scholarship:  Aztryd Lima

JET Award: no 20-21 recipient

John E. Makota Information Science & Technology Excellence Senior Award: Ben Brunsman, Justin Matthews

Joseph & Nancy Chapman Music Education Instrumental Scholarship:  Sarah Daly

Joseph & Nancy Chapman Music Education Vocal Scholarship:  MaKenna Lindgren

Kaitlyn Erickson Pro-Musica Award:  Tyler Garder

Kenneth R. Rossman Prize in History:  Madisyn Warrelmann

Kerry Strayer Memorial Scholarship:  Jessica Jensen

Levi & Hazel Wilson Fellowship:  Josie Hughes, Breanna Patterson

Lumir C. Havlicek Concert Band Scholarship:  Sarah Daly, Luke Henriksen, Alexa Thompson

Makosky Prize:  Matthew Jamison

Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards At Large:  Jean Chevalier, Ryleigh Gebers

Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards First-Year:  Makenna Beyer, Kylie Hughes, Jason McIntosh, Chelsey Ordaz

Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards Owl:  Abrianna Miller

Marianne Clarke Writing Excellence Awards Xanadu:  Logan Hayek, Emma Ryan

Mary L. Chapin Art Award:  Evan Wick

Mathematics Excellence Award:  Devon Terry

M. David Osterhout Human Relations Award:  no 2020-21 recipient

Modern Languages Award:  Barbara Ortiz Juarez, Ana Perez Mendez

The Nebraska Society of CPAs Foundation 150-Hour Scholarship:  Tanner Crosley, Brandie Schmitt

The Nebraska Society of CPAs Foundation Designated Scholarship:  Payton Zarkowski

The Nebraska Society of CPAs Foundation General Scholarship:  Erik Culp, Blaine Wood

Novice Speaker Award:  Dani Avalos, Alexandria Moulton

Noyce Project SERVE Scholar:  Olivia DeFord, Victoria Gress

Outstanding 1st Year Chemistry Award:  Grayson Meyer

Outstanding 1st Year Math Student Award:  Jordan Heinz

Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award:  Kaitlyn Andreessen

Outstanding Physics Achievement Award: no 2020-21 recipient

Outstanding Senior in the College of Business Award:  Payton Zarkowski

Robert D. Muckel Tri Beta Award:  Josie Hughes, Halle Weise, Catie Welty

Ruth Mary Stevens Prize:  Tanner Sand, Jaime Troester

Sigma Tau Delta Outstanding Senior in English:  Ryleigh Gebers

Student Congress-Outstanding Teachers of the Year:  Tim Hill, Marilyn Johnson-Farr

Student Congress Staff Award:  Kelly Jirvoec

Helen Doane Perry Outstanding Student:  Allison Jasso, Benjamin Saul

Thomas Doane Outstanding Award Faculty:  Mark Meysenburg

Thomas Doane Outstanding Award Staff:Lauren Erickson

Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbright Scholarships are awarded each year for students, teachers, and scholars to study, teach and conduct research at international sites. Administered by the U.S. Information Agency, the Fulbright Program began in 1946.

The following Doane graduates are listed with their majors and place of study:

2000  Paul Barta ‘00, political science/Spanish, Spain

2000  Julie Mitchell ‘00, German/business administration, Freiburg, Germany

2000  *Jacquelyn Seitz ‘00, English/French

2001  Adrienne Bambach ‘01, honors biology/German, Berlin, Germany

2002  Jana Stangl ‘02, English/French, Nice, France

2002  Ginger Starks ‘02, German/history, Saxony, Germany

2003  Megan Nicholson ‘03, German/French, Tübingen, Germany

2004  Aaron Hall ‘04, business/German/political science, Potsdam, Germany

2004  Kari Quammen ‘04, French/English, Marseilles, France

2006  Kamleh Shaban ‘06, honors biology, Jordan

2007  Emily Jordening ‘07, German/Spanish, Hannover, Germany

2008  Mary Reimers ‘08, music, Murrhardt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

2009  *Audrey Brydl-Andrews ‘09, elementary education/Spanish, Alicante, Spain

2009  Mike Guericke ‘09, chemistry/German, Heidelberg, Germany

2009  Rachel Rasmussen ‘08, history/Spanish, Dresden, Saxony, Germany

2010  Kristen Erthum ‘10, political science/international studies, Port Said, Egypt

2010  Tyler Jackman ‘10, business administration/French, Saint-Quentin, France

2010  Kara Maize ‘10, elementary education/Spanish, Madrid, Spain

2011  Malissie Boyer ‘11, German/English, Hemmingen, Germany

2011  Marcus Lyon ‘11, biochemistry/German, Karlsruhe, Germany

2012  Aprill Bodlak ‘12, English as second language/German/Spanish, Peru

2012  Rachel Kluthe ‘12, Elementary Education/Spanish, Madrid

2013  Ryan Corrigan ‘13, Environmental Science/Spanish, India

2014  Gentry Adam Doane ‘14 Spanish/German, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

2015  Krista Couton ‘15 Music, Taiwan

2015  Maggie Jo Hubbell ‘15 German/French, Germany

2015  Elizabeth Adele Sather ‘15 Elementary Education, Turkey

2015  Tyler James Strobl ‘15 Elementary Education, Brazil

2016  Jordyn Atwater ‘16 Biochemistry, Karlsruhe, Germany

2016  Amanda Petersen ‘16 English Language Arts, Bulgaria

2017  Hannah Dull ‘17 English and Spanish, Brazil

2018  * Rachel Jacobsen ‘18 Elementary Education, Bulgaria

2018  Elizabeth K. Kurtz ‘18 English, Germany

2019  Nicholas James Iwata ‘19 Biology, Bulgaria

2020  Colin Koehler ‘18 Spanish, Panama

* Received Fulbright Scholarship but did not participate in program

Lincoln, Omaha, and Online Honors and Awards

Senior Awards

Outstanding Graduate in Accounting:  Vanessa Celeste Hohlen

Outstanding Graduate in Agribusiness:  Erica Lynn Adams

Outstanding Graduate in Business Administration:  Bart William Rooney

Outstanding Graduate in Criminal Justice:  Adam Lee Strode

Outstanding Graduate in Graphic Design:  Anitra Jean Lechtenberger

Outstanding Graduate in Health Sciences:  Taylor Y. Evans

Outstanding Graduate in Human Relations:  Rebecca Groothuis

Outstanding Graduate in Information Systems Management:  James Tony Mendoza

Outstanding Graduate in Liberal Arts Studies:  Brynn Marie Mahnke

Outstanding Graduate in Nursing:  Breanna Lea Gillming

Outstanding Graduate in Organizational Communication:  Jackson Gus Mogensen

Outstanding Graduate in Public Administration:  Roshanak Sabokrooh

Outstanding Graduate with a Double Major:  Gary L. Schellhorn


Jackson Gus Mogensen