COU 610 - Psychopathology (3)

Required core course.
Intended for career professionals in the mental health field, the course studies the wide spectrum of behavior, cognitive, and emotional conditions affecting children, adolescents, and adults. Incorporating current psychological, sociological, and educational research, class work involves an applied, as well as conceptual, holistic study of both healthy and abnormal maladaptive mental health conditions. As a foundation for effective counseling, upon completing the course, students will be able to accurately identify and diagnostically classify specific as well as broad categories of emotionally pathological and behaviorally dysfunctional conditions. Emphasis is placed on the use of evidence based, research, theory, and analytically sound assessment methods including functional behavior assessment and differential diagnostic procedures. Focus is also directed to the successful application of clinical methods and techniques in the assessment and documentation process, to include accurate case formulations which serve as the basis for interventions and treatment planning.

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