COU 635 - Human Development Across the Lifespan (3)

Required core course.
This course examines human development throughout the lifespan with a focus on developmental psychopathology and psychoneuroimmunology. Developmental psychopathology views human development as an ongoing process and provides a framework to explore the interaction of biological, psychological, and socio-contextual aspects of both normal and abnormal development. Students will examine critical domains that serve as risk factors for psychopathology (i.e. temperament, attachment, parenting style, socioeconomic status) and explore current intervention strategies. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of major theories of human development across the lifespan, including life transitions; demonstrate knowledge of human behavior including an understanding of psychopathology and the biological, psychological, and socio-contextual change factors that affect both normal and abnormal development; demonstrate knowledge of current theories of optimal development and wellness over the life span; and read and critically review foundational research in the field and demonstrate ability to apply the process to current research.

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