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ARCHIVED 2018-19 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2018-19 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ART 325 - Art in Secondary Schools (2)

A seminar and studio for art majors seeking certification to teach art in the public schools (K-12). Emphasis is placed on the use of various materials and techniques including drawing and painting, printing, ceramics and fiber arts, photographic projects, and three-dimensional art. The course explores curriculum development for the K-12 classroom. Students will gain an understanding of the foundations of art education; plan, organize, deliver, and assess an art education program; study methodology for integrating art with other content areas; and explore and implement safe instructional practices and safety standards for the teaching of art.

Prerequisite: ART 310 , ART 315 , ART 320  and enrolled in professional term, or permission.