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2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog


Requirements for the Spanish Major:

Complete 33 credits of Spanish

For students who begin beyond the 100-level, complete 30 credits of Spanish, excluding SPA 317 SPA 321  


A student must earn 12 to 17 credits in Spanish in an approved semester or summer abroad program, with the approval of the department.  Courses taken abroad should be taught in the Spanish language.  The student has the option of earning up to 24 credits for a full year abroad. (Refer to Off-Campus Study Programs .)

Four-Year Plan

Advising Guide - Spanish  

Complete 30 credits of Spanish

Students studying secondary education and Spanish must complete 30 credits beyond the 100-level, excluding SPA 317 , SPA 321  

All requirements listed under the catalog section Secondary Education.

Secondary Education 

Credit by Examination

Students having already taken and passed a course in Spanish at Doane may take an exam for credit. Upon passing the exam, students can be awarded three credits. Additional fees apply. Credit by Examination is limited to 100- and 200-level courses. A maximum of three credits can be awarded.