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ARCHIVED 2016-17 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2016-17 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECO 330 - Economic Development (3)

This course examines the economic development problems and policies of countries around the world, with particular focus on Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Emphasis is placed on issues such as planning for growth, income distribution, sustainability and resource use, population growth, agricultural production, savings and capital formation, and international economic relationships. Students successfully completing this course will be able to: 1) understand economic theory and terminology as they relate to the problems of economic development; 2) apply economic theory to the problems of economic development; 3) comprehend the interactions between both the private and public sectors in the struggle to find workable solutions to economic development problems; 4) understand global economic perspectives and interactions, especially among countries of the world struggling with resource allocation issues; and 5) analyze and evaluate various economic development policy proposals to determine feasible solutions.

Prerequisite: ECO 203 .
Offered odd fall terms.