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ARCHIVED 2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2023-24 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LAR 303 - Impact Seminar: Connecting Knowledge to Choices and Actions (3)

Prerequisites: Junior or senior status and LAR 202 .
This course will develop students’ teamwork and leadership skills to prepare for citizenship or work as they connect theory, practice and experience. Students, drawn from multiple fields of specialized study, will collaboratively analyze a complex real-world problem, develop an empathetic understanding of multiple perspectives needed to comprehend the issue, and propose possible solutions. Students will be engaged through experiential pedagogies selected as appropriate by the LAR 303 instructors. Students will publically present work. Students will work to 1) construct a reasoned understanding of a problem with evidence of relevant contextual factors, including ethical, logical, and cultural dimensions of the problem; 2) articulate multiple approaches for solving the problem and propose one or more solutions/hypotheses that indicate a deep comprehension of the problem; 3) engage all participants to  foster a constructive team climate; and 4) reflect on their progress on the essential learning outcomes, drawing on their specialized studies (majors/minors), foundational areas of knowledge, liberal arts seminars, and experiential activities in order to express their distinctive voices, define their own ethical values, and understand and prepare for their multiple roles in a just society.