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2024-25 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-25 Undergraduate Catalog

Register of Trustees, Faculty & Administration

Board of Trustees (BOTs)

The government of the university is vested in a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees, whose regular members serve a four-year term and are eligible for re-election. One additional member represents the alumni council and serves a four-year term and is also eligible for re-election. The Board meets three times a year in the fall, winter, and spring. Administration of the university is by the president, with Division operations performed by members of the Executive Council.

Trustee Executive Board

Toni M. Ganzel, M.D., 2005-, Chair, Dean, School of Medicine, Professor of Surgery and Otolaryngology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, (Retired) Louisville,
Susan M. Fritz, Ph.D., 2020-, Vice-Chair, Chair, Building and Grounds Committee, Emerita Executive Vice President and Provost, Dean of the Graduate College (Retired), Crete, NE
Stephen C. Joel, Ed.D. (‘76), 2023-, Secretary,(Retired) Superintendent, Lincoln Public Schools, (Retired) Lincoln, NE
TBD, Chair, Academic Affairs Committee
Richard A. Bartlett (‘88), 2007-, Chair, Technology and Innovation Committee, Principal & Co Chairman, Lone Peak Capital; Chairman, CD2 Learning, LLC., Overland Park, KS
Bruce L. Berglund, (‘88), 2019-, Chair, Advancement Committee, Founder and President, Donor By Design (DBD Group), Palatine, IL
Kim Opsahl Heier (‘82, ‘05A),  2017 -, Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, Philanthropist, Former Vice President for Student Leadership, Doane College, Sedona, AZ 
Allen J. Moore (‘73), 2016-, Chair, Investment Committee, Past President/Investment Consultant, Smith Hayes Financial Services Corporation (Retired), Lincoln, NE
William H. Pallett, Ph.D.(‘71), 2018-, Chair, Enrollment Services Committee, President, The Individual Development and Educational Assessment Center (IDEA) (Retired), Manhattan, KS
Anthony J.”Tony” Sorrentino, J.D., 2016-, Chair, Governance and Nominations Committee, Shareholder/General Counsel, Silverstone Group, Omaha, NE
Amy E. Sack Vertin, M.D. (‘95), 2016-, Chair, Student Affairs Committee, Emergency Department Medical Director, Crete Area Medical Center/Physician Leader-Organizational Quality, Bryan Health, Crete, NE
Roger A. Hughes, Ph.D. (‘82), 2021-, Board ex-officio, President, Doane University, Crete, NE
Linda Scholting, 2021-, Treasurer, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Doane University, Crete, NE 
Jenei L. Skillett (‘19, ‘23A), 2011-, Assistant Secretary, Senior Executive Assistant to the President, Doane University, Crete, NE


John L. Allbery, (‘80), 2018-, Independent Corporate Director, Denver, CO
Patrick E. Beans, (‘79), 2007-, Manager of Amandla, LLC., Lincoln, NE
Donald M. Campbell, (‘61), 2011-, Principal, Partners for Growth Managers, San Francisco, CA
Barbara R. Cole, M.D., (‘63), 2008-, Director of Pediatric Nephrology, Washington University, (Retired), Mt. Pleasant, SC
Amy Godbey Dearking, (‘95), 2023-, Alumni Council Representative, Global Senior Director, Recruiting Operations, Navan, Elkhorn, NE
Douglas J. Estrada, (‘89), 2024-, Senior Director II of Supply Chain and Transportation, Bentonville, AR
Kenneth E. Fridrich, (‘59), 1969-, Senior Vice President, INVISTA Capital Management; Managing Director-Marketing/Pension Services, The Principal Financial Group, (Retired), Omaha, NE
Richard C. “Rick” Gibson, (‘57), 1998-, CEO, AGRO International, Inc., Council Bluffs, IA
Richard S. “Dick” Held, (‘70), 2007-, Real Estate Investor, Los Angeles, CA
Troy A. Kanter, (‘90), 2005-2008, 2009-, Private Investor, Former CEO & President, Kenexa, Inc., Lincoln, NE
Rev. James Keck, Ph.D., 2011-, Senior. Minister, 1st Plymouth Congregational Church (UCC), Lincoln, NE
Lonnie D. Mahrt, (‘86), 2018-, Senior Vice President, Head of Customer Experience Business, CSG, (Retired) Fremont, NE
Elizabeth J. (Betty) Mason, (‘86), Alumni Representative, Senior Director, Head of Program Management, Zoetis Global, Firth, NE
Carrie McCain Morton, (‘98), 2019-, Actuary, Principal Financial Group, Waukee, IA
Mark W. Mulkey, M.D., (‘82), 2017- , Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mason City Clinic, Mason City, IA
Steven A. Rasmussen, Sr., (‘96A), 2023-, Executive Director, Andrea Waitt Carlton Family Foundation, (Retired) Sun Lakes, AZ
Enrique E. Sanchez, (‘74), 2005-, Executive Manager, Purchasing Warehouses, and Inventories (Retired), Republic of Panama
J. Richard “Dick” Shoemaker, (‘72), 2022-, Chairman Pinpoint Holdings, Cambridge, NE
Jihad Shoshara, M.D.,  2024-, President of Pediatric Health Associates, Chicago, IL
Jill A. Smith, J.D. (‘74), 1997-, Senior and General Counsel, Mayo Clinic, (Retired), Eden Prairie, MN
Elizabeth A. “Betsy” Tonniges, Ed.D., (‘06, ‘08E, ‘11E), 2022-, Primrose of Lincoln Wilderness Hills Owner, Lincoln, NE
Terri J. Vrtiska, M.D., (‘83), 2023-, Associate Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, (Retired) Rochester, MN

Emeriti Trustees

Jack E. Barker, J.D. (‘61), 1996-2012, President (Retired), Mountain States Employers Council (Retired), Littleton, CO
Ann Songster Cahill, (‘72), 2011-2023, Philanthropist, St. Louis, MO
Vernon C. Ray Daniels, J.D. (‘78), 2006-2022, Judge, Douglas County, Omaha, NE 
Jacob H. Dering, 1982-2008, Pharmacist, (Retired), Crete, NE
Donald F. Dillon, 1988-2007, Chairman, Fiserv, Lincoln, NE
Melvin E. Emeigh (‘58), 1977-2001, Allstate Insurance, Sierra Vista, AZ
George F. Haddix, Ph.D. (‘62), 1999-2014, Member/Manager Riverton Management Resources, LLC, Ralston, NE
Edward G. Heilman, J.D. (‘67), 1989-2012, Attorney at Law, Palm Desert, CA
Ken E. James (‘69), 1989-2017, Consultant, Hewitt Associates (Retired), Sunset, SC
Eugene A. Klingler, Jr. M.D. (‘57),1976-2016, Surgeon; Medical Director, Manhattan Ambulatory Surgical Hospital, Manhattan, KS
Linda L. Mann, Ph.D., 2001-2007, Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, Grossmont College, (Retired), Hillsboro, OR
Kenneth J. McCumber (‘68), 1999-, Senior. Vice President-Sales, Airborne Express, (Retired), Bend, OR
Dennis E, Nelson (‘67), 1992-2015, DENCO Group, Marblehead, MA
John Nelson, 1992-2015, Chairman, SilverStone Group, Inc., Council Bluffs, IA
Allison D. Petersen (‘78), 1982-1994, 2004-2022
Kim M. Robak, J.D., 1995-2012, Partner, Ruth Mueller and Robak, LLC, Lincoln, NE
William E. Shoemaker (‘68), 1975-2004, Private Investor, Cambridge, NE
Peter Sura (‘66), 1979-1996, Senior Management ABN AMRO Bank of Amsterdam (Retired), Konstanz, Germany
John M. Vasak, Ph.D. (‘67), 1997-2013, Director, (Retired) Division Operations, the MITRE Corp., (Retired) Vienna, VA
Michael A. Weston, (‘93), 2010-2022, Senior Agency Field Specialist, State Farm Insurance Companies, Lincoln, NE
Lois L. Weyers (‘67), 2004-2017, Educator, Green Bay Public Schools (Retired), DePere, WI
Earl L. Wright, 1987-2010, President and CEO, AMG National Trust Bank, NA, Englewood, CO


Leadership Team

Roger Hughes (‘82), 2021-, B.S, M.S., Ph.D., President
Derek Bierman, 2020-, B.S., Chief Information Officer
Lorie Cook-Benjamin, 2017-, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer
John Frost, 2022-, B.S., M.S., Vice President Enrollment Management and Marketing
Marty Fye (‘83), 2016-, B.S., Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Judy Kawamoto, 2022-, Ph.D., Vice President of Student Affairs
Linda Scholting, 2021-, B.S., M.B.A., Vice President for Business and Finance, Chief Financial Officer
Jenei Skillett (‘19, ‘23A), 2011-, B.S., M.I.L., Senior Executive Assistant to the President and Assistant Board Secretary
Luis Sotelo, 2017-, B.S., Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Mark Wateska, 2021-, B.S., M.S., Director of Athletics
Kristopher Williams, 2011-, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Anne Ziola (‘04, ‘09A), 2009-, B.A., M.A.M., Director of Human Resources

Presidents Emeriti

Frederic D. Brown, 1987-2005, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Academic Deans

Daniel Bothe, 2024-, B.S., M.B.A., DBA, Dean, College of Business
Timothy Frey, 2013-, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., Dean, College of Education
Pedro Maligo, 2018-, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Professor and Dean Emeriti

Lyn Forester, 1992-2019, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Professor and Dean of the Faculty Emeriti

Maureen Franklin, 1984-2014, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Faculty Emeriti

Barbara Clement, 1989-2017, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Frank Daniels, 1993-2013, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Richard E. Dudley, 1966-1996, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.
David Dunnigan, 1986 - 2018, B.S., M.S.S.
Dianne Ferguson, 1977-2016, B.M.E., M.M.
Evelyn Haller, 1969 - 2018, A.M., Ph.D.
Kay Hegler, 1974-2015, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Tom Hood, 1979 - 2018, B.A., M.P.Ed.
James Johnson, 1986-2016, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Jay Gilbert, 1993-2022, B.S., M.M., D.M.
Tom King, 1992 - 2018, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.
Julie Kozisek, 2004-2020, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Betty Levitov, 1983-2013, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Gary Martin, 1984-2009, B.A., M.F.A.
Chris Masters, 1968-2008, B.A., M.S., D.A.
Edward J. McPartland, 1970-2003, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Deryl Merritt, 1996-2018,  B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Larry L. Monson, 1989-2004, B.A., M.A.
Robert D. Muckel, 1968-2000, A.B., M.S., Ph.D.
Rodney Peters, 1986-2013, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Carroll D. Peterson, 1964-2001, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.
Liam Purdon, 1980-2020, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Peter Reinkordt, 1984-2011, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Roy Scheele, 1985 - 2018, B.A., M.A.  
Richard Terrell, 1970-2009, B.F.A., M.F.A.
L. Lee Thomas, 1995-2015, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Christopher Wentworth, 1989-2021, B.S., Ph.D.
C. Robert Wikel, 1979-2003, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.

Doane University Faculty

Shandi Anderson, 2021-, Theatrical Costume Specialist and Assistant Professor of Practice
Doane University, B.A.

Chelsey Augustine, 2023-  Assistant Professor in the Art & Design Dept.
Fort Hays State University, B.A., M.A.

Matthew Beio, 2018-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Biochemistry
Illinois State University, B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D.

Cali Biaggi, 2018-, Online Learning Librarian, Associate Professor of Practice
Doane University, B.A.; University of Denver, M.L.I.S.

Jennifer Bossard, 2007-, Professor of Economics
University of South Dakota, B.S., B.A., University of Nebraska - Lincoln MA, PhD

*Dane Bowder, 2017-, Associate Professor of Biology
Doane University, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D.

Courtney Buchkoski, 2023- Assistant Professor of History
The University of Alabama, B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., University of Oklahoma, Ph.D.

Rachel Catlett, 2023 - Assistant Professor of Practice, Director School Counseling
University of Nebraska - Omaha, B.S. M.S., Doane University, M.Ed.

Dan Clanton, 2008-, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Hendrix College, B.A.; Iliff School of Theology, M.A., Ph.D.

David J. Clevette, 1989-, Professor of Chemistry
Gustavus Adolphus College, B.A.; University of Missouri, Ph.D.

Alexandra Clouse, 2024 - Assistant Professor of Practice in Education
Doane University, B.A., M.Ed.

Jared Cook, 2020 -, Assistant Professor of Leadership, Chair, Leadership Dept.  
Rochester Institute of Technology, B.S.; Fort Hays State University, M.S.; University of South Dakota, Ed.D.

Karla Cooper, 2004-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Education
Southeast Missouri State University, B.A.; Eden Theological Seminary, M.Div.; Doane University, Ed.D.

Tracy Corr, 2021-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Accounting, Chair, Accounting Department
Lincoln School of Commerce, A.A.S.; Doane University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.P.A.

Danelle DeBoer, 2001-, Professor of Sociology, Chair, Sociology Dept.
Bellevue University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., Ph.D.

Terri Deems, 2021-, Visiting Assistant Professor of Business, Chair, Instructional Design & Technology Dept.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Rodney Diercks, 1997-, Professor of Education, Co-Chair, Teaching and Learning Dept.
Chadron State College, B.S.; Doane University, M.Ed., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ed.D.

Erin Doyle, 2013-, Associate Professor of Biology
The University of Tulsa, B.S.; Iowa State University, Ph.D.

Tessa Durham Brooks, 2009-, Professor of Biology
University of Nebraska, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, Ph.D.

Joel Egger, 2017-, Associate Professor of Theatre
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A.; California Institute of the Arts, M.F.A.

Bradley Elder, 2004-, Professor of Biology, Interim Chair, Biology Dept.
Adrian College, B.A.; Kansas State University, Ph.D.

Alec J. Engebretson, 1990-, Professor of Information Science and Technology
Buena Vista College, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S., Ph.D.

Tracee R. Fairbanks, 1998-, Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor
Doane University, B.S., M.Ed.

Andrew Feyes, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Instrumental Music
Bowling Green State University, B.M.E., Kansas State University, M.M., PhD.

Tim Frey, 2013-, Professor of Education; Dean, College of Education
Doane University, B.A., M.Ed.; Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Ph.D.

Kari Gentzler, 2014-, Associate Professor of Sociology
Doane University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., Ph.D.

Jayne Germer, 2007-, Collection Development Librarian with rank of Associate Professor of Practice in Library Science
Doane University, B.A.; Emporia State University, M.L.S.

Julianna Grabianowski, 2019-, Assistant Professor of Business
University Duisburg-Essen, M.S., B.A.; Bellevue University, Ph.D.

Cindy Gray, 2022-, Associate Professor of Practice; Director of the Education Specialist Program
Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., Ph.D.

Emily Griesch, 2014-, Assistant Professor of Education, Certification Officer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S.; Doane University, M.Ed., Ed.D.

Margaret “Peggy” E. Hart, 1992-, Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.S., M.S.

Timothy Hill, 2003-, Professor of Political Science
Furman University, B.A.; The Ohio State University, M.A., Ph.D.

Eric Holley, 2021-, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice of Biology
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Andrea Holmes, 2005-, Professor of Chemistry
University of North Florida, B.S.; New York University, M.S., Ph.D.

Christopher Huber, 2016-, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chair, Chemistry Dept.
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.S., Ph.D.

Amanda Irions, 2018-, Assistant Professor of Communication
University of Maryland, Ph.D.

Kimberly A. Jarvis, 2003-, Professor of History; Chair, History Dept.
University of Connecticut, B.A.; Southern Connecticut State University, M.S.; University of New Hampshire, M.A., Ph.D.

Barbara Jennings-Herzog, 2012-, Professor of Mathematics, Chair, Mathematics and Data Analytics Dept.
Northern Arizona University, B.S., M.S.; University of California, Riverside, Ph.D.

Andrea “Andy” Johnson, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of the Honors Program
Doane University, B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., Ph.D. 

Bradley A. Johnson, 2001-, Professor of English
St. Olaf College, B.A.; Duke University, M.T.A.; University of Connecticut, M.A., Ph.D.

Marilyn A. Johnson-Farr, 1993-, Dwight E. Porter Professor of Education, Co-Chair, Teaching and Learning Dept.
Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Lucas Kellison, 2017, Undergraduate Faculty Coordinator; Assistant Professor of Practice 
Doane University, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Jean Kilnoski, 2006-, Assistant Professor of Practice
Doane University, B.A., University of Georgia, M.A.A., Doane University, M.A.C.

Heather Lambert, 2003-, Professor of Psychology, Chair, Psychology Dept.
Nebraska Wesleyan, B.A.; University of Kansas, M.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D.

Ather Mahmood, 2021-, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering
Forman Christian College, B.S.; Government College, M.S.; University of Toulouse III, M.S., Ph.D.

Katherine E. Marley, 2001-, Professor of Biology
Southwestern University, B.S.; Florida State University, Ph.D.

Jill McCaslin-Timmons, 2023-, Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska at Kearney, B.S., Ed.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D.  

Robert McEntarffer, 2024- Assistant Professor of Education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A., M.A., Ph.D

Robin McKercher, 2005-, Professor of Theatre, Director of Theatre
Peru State College, B.S., B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.F.A.

Cindy L. Meyer, 1987-, Associate Professor of Education
Wayne State College, B.A.; Kearney State College, M.A.

Mark M. Meysenburg, 1998-, Professor of Information Science and Technology, Chair, Dept. of Computing
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, B.S.; University of Idaho, M.S., Ph.D.

Charlena Miller, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Business
University of Central Oklahoma, B.S., Portland Seminary, M.A.

Felicia Nofuente, 2024 - Assistant Professor of Practice in Education
University of Nebraska-Omaha, B.S., M.S.

Kathleen Ohlman, 2007-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Music, Director of Music Education
Concordia University, B.S., M.Ed.

Mark A. Orsag, 1998-, Professor of History
Carnegie-Mellon University, B.A.; Pennsylvania State University, M.A.; Michigan State University, Ph.D.

Brian Pauwels, 2002-, Associate Professor of Psychology
Saint Norbert College, B.A.; University of Iowa, Ph.D.

Teresa Perkins, 2020 -, Assistant Professor of Education, Director Masters in Educational Leadership Program
University of Nebraska, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Trina Pettit, 2021 -, Assistant Professor of Education
University of Wisconsin, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A., Ed.D.

*Joshua Pope, 2015-, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
Drury University, B.A.; Bowling Green State University, M.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D.

Carrie Rath, 2021-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Omaha, B.A., M.A., Ed.D.

Melanie Ritzenthaler, 2022-, Assistant Professor of English
The Ohio State University, B.A., McNeese State University, M.A., Ohio University, Ph.D. 

Jerome Roehm, 2023-, Assistant Professor of Data Analytics
Benedictine College, B.A. B.S., M.A., University of Delaware, Ph.D.

Kurt Runestad, 2004-, Professor of Music; Director of Choral Activities
St. Olaf College, B.A.; University of Iowa, M.A., Ph.D.

Mitchell Sasek, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Practice of Exercise Science
University of Nebraska at Kearney, B.S., M.A.E.

Jocelyn Schock-King, 2017-, Associate Professor of Psychology
Nebraska Wesleyan University, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Omaha, M.A., Ph.D.

Greg Seier, 2019-, Associate Professor of Practice of Exercise Science, Chair, Health and Human Performance Dept.
Doane University, B.S.; Wayne State College, M.S.E., Doane University, Ed.D.

Catherine Sommervold, 2015-, Associate Professor of Practice in Education, Director of the Ed.D. Program
University of South Dakota, B.A., M.A.; University of St. Thomas (MN), Ed.D.

Russell D. Souchek, 1996-, Professor of Environmental Science, Chair, Natural Resources and Environmental Science Dept.
Doane University, B.A.; Texas A & M University, M.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Rebecca Sprouse, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Biology
University of Nebraska at Kearney, B.S., M.S.

Jeffrey Stander, 2006-, Professor of Theatre, Chair, Theater Dept.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.F.A.; San Diego State University, M.F.A.

Eric Stearns, 2010-, Professor of Art, Chair, Art and Graphic Design Dept.
Doane University, B.A.; Fort Hays State University, M.F.A.

Cale Stolle, 2017-, Associate Professor of Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Deb Stuto, 2007-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Education, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Program
Iowa State University, B.S.; Unversity of Nebraska-Omaha, M.S.; Doane University, M.Ed.

Joel TerMaat, 2018-, Associate Professor of Engineering, Chair, Engineering and Physics Dept.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., Ph.D.

Lisa Tschauner, 2010-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship, Chair, Entrepreneurship Dept.
Doane University, B.A.; Peru State College M.S.

Eric Tucker, 2024-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Multiplatform Journalism
University of Illinois, B.A., University of Oregon, M.S., University of Nebraska-Omaha, M.F.A.

J.B. Tyson, 2023-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Video and Media Production
Wayne State College, B.S., M.S.

James L. Vertin, 2001-, Associate Professor of Practice in Mathematics
Doane University, B.S., M.Ed.

Trisha, Vickrey, 2023-, Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jeanne Vrbka, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Practice, Co-Chair, Accounting Department
University of Nebraska-Omaha. B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S. 

Jean Walkenhorst, 2018-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Accounting
Doane College, B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, MPACC

Margaret Watts, 2016-, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Spring Hill College, B.S.; Florida State University, Ph.D.

Philip Weitl, 2005-, Professor of English, Chair, English Dept.
Hastings College, B.A.; Kansas State University, M.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.F.A.

William Whipple, 2021 -, Assistant Professor of Music
Manhattan School of Music, D.M., M.M.; University of Iowa, D.M.A.

Kris Williams, 2011-, Associate Professor, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Luther College, B.A.; University of Iowa, M.A., Ph.D.

Nathaniel Wilson, 2012-, Assistant Professor of Practice in Communication, Director of Forensics, Chair, Communication Dept.
Hastings College, B.A.; George Mason University, M.F.A.

Tiffany Young, 2019-, Assistant Professor of Education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Lavi Zamstein, 2022-, Assistant Professor of Engineering
Tulane University, B.S.E.; University of Florida, M.E., Ph.D.

Kathleen Zumpfe, 2007-, Associate Professor of Practice in Business
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.A.

Adjunct Faculty

Chris Brady, 2017-, Adjunct Instructor in Liberals Arts Studies and History
 Doane University, B.A., University of Nebraska-Kearney, M.A

Leah Cech, 2018-, Adjunct Instructor

Quint Geis, 2018-, Adjunct Instructor of Leadership

Jason Hayes, 1999-, Adjunct Instructor in Political Science
University of Nebraska-Omaha, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, J.D.

Emily Heathcock, 2013-, Adjunct Instructor
Doane College, B.A., M.A.M.

Susan Hertzler, 1999-, Adjunct Instructor in Mathematics
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.Ed.

Alanna Hoffman, 2017, Adjunct Instructor

Edward Hoffman, 2007-, Adjunct Instructor in Business
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, J.D.

Jean Kilnoski, 2007-, Adjunct Instructor in Psychology and Human Relations
Doane College, B.A., M.A.C.

Tom King, 1992-, Adjunct Instructor
Westminster College, B.A.; Phillips University, M.Ed.; Oklahoma State University, Ed.D.

William Kostner, 1998-, Adjunct Instructor in Business
Northern Illinois University, B.A.; Lake Forest Graduate School, M.A.

Josef Kren, 2003-, Adjunct Instructor in Natural Science
Masaryk University, Sc.D.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD.

Brad Krieger, 1999-, Adjunct Instructor in Art
Southern Illinois University, B.A.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A.

Tammie Lang, 2018-, Adjunct Instructor

Vincent Le, 2013-, Adjunct Instructor in Business
Eastern New Mexico University, B.A., M.B.A.

Lance Nielsen, 2012-, Adjunct Instructor in Music
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S., M.M., Ph.D.

Steve Millet, 1997-, Adjunct Instructor in Information Systems Management
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A.; Eastern Montana College, M.A.

Robert Mizerski, 2015-, Adjunct Instructor of Business
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.S.; Doane College, M.A.M.

Adam Morfeld, 2015-, Adjunct Instructor in Public Administration
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, B.A., J.D.

April Paschall, 2013-, Adjunct Instructor
Doane College, B.S.; University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.A.

Steve Rathman, 2008-, Adjunct Instructor in Business
Doane College, M.A.M.

Janet Scott Adjunct Faculty in Economics
Union College B.S., B.A., University of Nebraska Lincoln M.A.

Sharmin Sikich, 2013-, Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, B.S.; University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, M.S., Ph.D.

Ann Marie Williams, 2014-, Adjunct Instructor in Leadership

David Williams, 2017-, Adjunct Instructor of Business


* On leave Fall 2024 or Spring 2025