Jan 28, 2023  
ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 345 - Conservation Biology (4)

Prerequisites: Must have a C- or better in BIO 110 , BIO 111 , and BIO 112 , or permission.
Conservation Biology is a broad topic. In this class, we will address the issues that define conservation and the need for it. These issues range from ecosystem services, to marine fisheries, to biodiversity, to the economic impacts of climate change. We will address the complexities of conservation biology and how conservation activities can preserve biodiversity and impact human welfare. This course will also include a laboratory component where students will engage in a number of activities where students collect data related to conservation biology questions. These laboratory activities will range from conservation genetics, to mock global policy forums on climate change, to carbon sequestration on Doane’s campus. Additionally, a major component of this class is devoted to Service-Learning where students conduct their own conservation project on campus by designing a pollinator garden.