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ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NRS 430 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice (3)

Prerequisites: ECO 203 , ECO 329 , NRS 220 , and NRS 307 . (Cross-referenced with HSI 430 .)
All nurses in today’s health care environment are faced with multiple ethical challenges which are related either directly or indirectly to cost-conscious hospitals, managed care payment plans, nursing staffing problems, the looming nursing shortage, and complex medical conditions that affect not just individuals, but whole communities. This course focuses on the legal and ethical rights, responsibilities, and obligations of the practicing nurse in a rapidly changing health care environment. The Nebraska Health and Human Services Accountability for Professional Conduct of Nurses and the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics are used as guides to examine implications for legal and ethical decision-making. Students learn the specific responsibilities and obligations they have to those they serve and develop a professional self-definition as a practitioner of the art and science of nursing.