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ARCHIVED 2017-18 CAS Crete Campus Catalog 
ARCHIVED 2017-18 CAS Crete Campus Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Affairs

Student Life

Doane believes that student life outside the classroom is an important part of the university education and that co-curricular activities have a significant impact on student development. Therefore, the University provides and promotes programs for students, which create a sense of community and enhances personal development.

Student Affairs Office

The office primarily responsible for Doane student life is the Student Affairs Office. Professional staff offer programs and assistance in career development, counseling, residence life and commuter services, orientation, multicultural support services, leadership development, student involvement, student government, health and wellness services, spiritual guidance, as well as community service and volunteerism.

New Student Enrollment Days and Orientation

Enrollment Days for new students are held during the summer. The students work with faculty and student orientation leaders to adjust to college life, make academic plans, and develop goals and activities for the college years which are consistent with the student's objectives.

Orientation, which occurs right before classes begin in the fall, is a four-day program which assists students in making a successful transition to college.

College to Career Center

The College to Career Center (C2CC) offers many career development services and resources aimed to support students' transitions throughout college life and beyond. Students are encouraged to schedule one-on-one appointments each year to discuss their specific situation ensuring they are fully prepared for their professional life after college. Appointments can be made by emailing career@doane.edu.  

The C2CC can help with:

  • Major/Career Exploration and Decision-Making
  • Résumé/Cover Letter Reviews
  • Interviewing/Practice Interviews
  • Internship/Job/Graduate School Search Strategies
  • LinkedIn Development and Networking Strategies
  • Salary/Benefits Negotiation
  • Multiple Job Offers

The C2CC also organizes programs, workshops and often speaks to many classes and organizations. 

Multicultural Support Services (MSS)

Multicultural Support Services (MSS) was developed in 2004. In addition to programming and education, this office supports racially diverse students and the broader student body. MSS is an essential resource to the campus and the community.

The MSS goals are:

  • Develop inclusive relationships
  • Cultivate an engaging campus and community environment
  • Provide cultural opportunities for students

How MSS serves:

  • Social Justice Programs (Critical Courageous Conversations)
  • Multicultural Programs (Doane Is Love, Speakers, Cultural events)
  • Services: Community outreach and Welcoming Communities Committee

The MSS office is conveniently located and highly accessible in the lower level of Perry Campus Center.

Student Health Services


Doane provides free counseling and referral for students who are experiencing personal, academic or career concerns. These concerns can range from drug and alcohol problems, depression or test anxiety to problems in decision-making. Our counselors are trained professionals and their assistance is confidential.

Health Educator

Outreach events on a variety of health topics are coordinated in the Health Education office located in the Perry Campus Center, lower level. Health coaching appointments are available to students at no charge, as well as BASICS and CASICS appointments to help students better understand their relationship with and reduce their dependence on alcohol and marijuana.


The University has an on-campus Student Health Services office which employs a registered nurse. Care and treatment for general illness are available at the Student Health Services office, and campus wide health education outreach is coordinated from this office. Referrals for advanced medical care are made to local physician clinics. Student fees do not include fees for physicians' services or hospitalization. Students should notify the Student Health Services office for any illness or injury.

C.A.P.E. Project

The Campus, Advocacy, Prevention, and Education (C.A.P.E.) Project strives to create a campus culture free from interpersonal violence. Through prevention initiatives, programs, trainings, workshops, and peer education, the C.A.P.E. Project will provide students with bystander intervention, healthy communication, and healthy relationship skills that can be used throughout college and beyond. C.A.P.E. also strives to evaluate and enhance the Doane community's response to incidents of interpersonal violence to provide students, faculty, and staff with the support systems and resources they need. You can find the office in the College to Career Center on the second floor of the Perry Campus Center.

Dining Service

A professional food service organization offers nutritious and varied menus for a meal plan that includes 7-14 meals per week, or unlimited carte blanche, along with various amounts of Doane Dollars. Meals are served in the Perry Campus Center dining hall, and the newest additions OBC Grill and Lakeside Coffee Shop, our in-house coffee shop.

The Zenon C.R. Hansen Leadership Program

The Zenon C.R. Hansen Leadership Program is designed to help develop the leadership skills of Doane students. The program was launched in 1994 with a fully funded grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Zenon C.R. Hansen Foundation endowed the leadership program in 1997.

This collaborative effort involves not only students and faculty, but also alumni and community leaders serving as role models. The unique aspect of the Hansen Leadership Program (HLP) is that the majority of its initiatives are open to all current Doane students. Anyone can participate in HLP.

Hansen Leadership Program initiatives include:

Hansen Speakers Assembly: Through a generous grant awarded by The Zenon C.R. Hansen Foundation, Doane University is able to invite internationally and regionally recognized professional and community leaders to speak on campus each year. Guests of the Hansen Speakers Assembly visit various classes, dine with students, and present lectures which are open to the public free of charge.

Leadershops/Retreats: Throughout the academic year, students may attend various presentations and discussions led by university and community leaders, as well as by other students. All workshops (leadershops) and retreats are specially designed to achieve specific outcomes. Such outcomes include: developing an awareness of leadership styles, attributes and a personal definition of leadership; acquiring and practicing self-development, interpersonal and group/community skills; working effectively with others; and coaching, mentoring and developing leadership skills in others.

Faculty-in-Residence Programs: Faculty-in-Residence programs are designed to foster a stronger relationship between academic inquiry, professional development and the cocurricular experience of Doane students. Several times a year, a member of the university's faculty leads an informal discussion on a topic of his or her choosing with students in the main lounge of a residence hall on campus.

Relay For Life: Relay For Life is an opportunity for people to contribute their time, effort and donations toward the fight against cancer. Students and other members of the Doane and Crete communities walk through the night to show their support of those who suffer from this disease.

Hansen Leadership Hall: This residence hall opened in the fall of 2000 and provides students the opportunity to expand their involvement in community service and leadership development. Students must meet and maintain set criteria in order to reside in this hall.

Service Opportunities: The Hansen Leadership Program serves as the "hub" for campus service and engagement opportunities maintaining a volunteer database and facilitating programs like Mobile Food Pantry and Community Dinners.

For more information about The Zenon C.R. Hansen Leadership Program, contact the Student Affairs Office.

Residential Life and Education

Community Living

Doane is a residential university and believes that learning to live with others and participating in the self-governance of a residence hall community are essential elements of the university experience. Therefore, all unmarried full-time students under the age of 21 are required to live and board on campus during the regular academic year. Requests for exceptions to this policy (e.g., students living at home with their parents) should be made to the Director of Residential Life and Education.

Doane's residence halls provide a variety of accommodations, including suite-style living as well as more traditional residences. The halls are staffed with professionals and returning students who have received training in advising, community development, crisis intervention, and programming. The staff is available to help students with problems and to provide leadership in community development.

For a complete description of Residential Life and Education, refer to the Doane Student Handbook.

Judicial Affairs

Doane University has expectations which reflect the values to which the University is committed and which are designed to protect the rights of community members, ensure order in the community, and encourage student responsibility. University expectations include (but are not limited to): 1) Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages on campus are limited to persons of legal age in their private rooms; 2) Doane students are expected to respect the rights of all persons and property; 3) Violations of the law on or off campus are prohibited; and 4) Honesty is expected in all academic endeavors. University policies and procedures are described in detail in the Doane Student Handbook.

Disciplinary Probation, Suspension or Expulsion

Students placed on disciplinary probation may lose all their Doane University aid, and may lose federal entitlement aid. Students suspended from Doane University will lose their Doane scholarships and grants. Doane scholarships and grants will be removed from the beginning of the semester of judicial sanction. Loss of federal aid will follow federal policy. Expulsion from Doane University will be noted on the student's official transcript.

Religious & Spiritual Life

Doane University affirms its historical connection with the United Church of Christ, and joins in fellowship and service with other UCC colleges in the United States. Students are encouraged to realize their spiritual growth through participation in campus religious organizations, through involvement with Doane faculty and staff, and through worship in any of the area churches.

Worship services and spiritual programs are offered on campus regularly by the campus chaplain. The chaplain also provides counseling to students.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Newman Club, and Campus Crusade for Christ, as well as a variety of other spiritual organizations, meet weekly, conduct regular campus-wide activities, participate in regional conferences, and host speakers.Alternative Break: Doane students have an opportunity to travel out of state each year to assist a variety of non-profit organizations and engage in service learning. Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks are planned by the

Campus Engagement

Cocurricular Activities

Engaging in campus activities at Doane is encouraged. Student Congress, Peer Judicial Board, Residence Hall Association, Student Programming Board, and Greek Council make decisions which affect many aspects of student life at Doane, while providing excellent opportunities for leadership experience and service.

Students also serve with faculty members on university committees which govern judicial, curricular, and other institutional matters.

The Student Affairs Office has information about ways in which students may become engaged in campus activities.


Doane students are encouraged to participate in athletic activities at a level commensurate with their skills and interests. Intercollegiate sports for women include basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field, cheer, dance, and volleyball. Intercollegiate sports for men include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field, and wrestling.

Intercollegiate athletes are required to carry their own accident and health insurance. Proof of insurance must be provided to the university before athletes are allowed to participate in athletics in anyway, including practice.


All Doane students may participate in music, art, and theatre activities on campus. Theatre provides experience in all aspects of theatre production, from set painting to performing on stage. There are also vocal and instrumental music organizations, which give students opportunities to develop skills, perform, and travel. The Doane Improv Team and Doane Players are great opportunities to get involved in the arts.


Students interested in writing should consider becoming involved with the Doane Owl, the oldest college newspaper in Nebraska; the 1014 Magazine; and Xanadu, the University's literary magazine.

Student Organizations

Opportunities for participation in Doane's student organizations are limited only by the time a student wants to give to co-curricular activities. The student organizations at Doane reflect varied interests and offer the opportunity to develop new skills, discuss new ideas, and serve the campus community. New student organizations are created and established at Doane each semester by students. Visit the Student Affairs Office in Perry Campus Center to learn more about establishing new student organizations at Doane.

Doane has five local sororities and five local fraternities. These groups do not have chapter houses, but do provide social and philanthropic activities for members. Greek rush is held during spring semester.

Student Organizations at Doane University

Active Minds at Doane University
Alternative Breaks
AAUW (American Association of University Women)
APO (Alpha Psi Omega)
Bad Movie Club
Biochemistry Club
Cardinal Key
Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)
DAEYC (Doane Association for the Education of Young Children)
Doane Improv Team (Doane Provs)
Doane Accounting Club
Doane Catholic Newman Club
Doane Choir
Doane Forensics Team
Doane Harry Potter Club
Doane International Cooking Club
Doane Mascot Club
Doane Players (theatre)
Doane Sports Medicine
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Greek System Organizations:
  Alpha Omega Fraternity
  Alpha Pi Epsilon Fraternity
  Chi Delta Sorority
  Delta Kappa Pi Fraternity
  Gamma Phi Iota Sorority
  Greek Council
  Kappa Phi Zeta Sorority
  Omega Psi Theta Sorority
  Order of Omega
  Phi Sigma Tau Sorority
  Sigma Phi Theta Fraternity
  Tau Sigma Zeta Fraternity

Hansen Leadership Advisory Board
Hansen Serves
Health & Medical Occupation Club (HMOC)
Human Resource Club
National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Omicron Delta Kappa
Peer Judicial Board (PJB)
Phi Beta Lambda
Project Outdoor Classroom
Pre Law Club
Psychology/Sociology Club
Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)
Relay For Life
Residence Hall Association
Roots and Shoots
Secular Doane-Secular Student Alliance
Society of Physics Students
Spanish Club
Student Athlete Leadership Team
Student Congress (StuCo)
Student Education Association (SEA)
Student Programming Board (SPB)
Student Wellness and Action Team (SWAT)
The Doane Line
The Dance Project
The Outsiders
Wildlife and Conservation Organization (WACO)